JANUARY 7, 2021

N8 Tactical introduces the Pro-Lock Holster, their first outside the waistband holster. The new holster line features the Secure Twist Release Retention System.
Galco’s classically-designed Avenger has a vertical orientation that allows a wrist-locked draw stroke and a molded sight rail that prevents snagging on the draw.
High Speed Gear has added LE Blue to the color offerings for most of its Polymer TACO family at the start of 2021.

Safariland announced the new Model 015 Open Top Competition Holster. Available for most steel and polymer frame pistols, the 015 provides a minimalistic design for custom-fit and easy modification options for competitive shooters in open, limited and 3-gun divisions.
Now available in black and havana brown in addition to tan, Galco’s DAO (Dual Action Outdoorsman) belt holster can be worn strong side or crossdraw at the user’s discretion.
Trijicon Inc. announced that the Trijicon Huron riflescope has been selected to receive a Golden Bullseye Award as the 2021 American Hunter Optic of the Year.

Hornady 6mm ARC has been named the 2021 Shooting Illustrated Ammunition Product of the Year as part of the National Rifle Association's Golden Bullseye Awards.
Hornady RAPiD Safe Ready Vault has been named the 2021 American Rifleman Accessory of the Year as part of the NRA Publications Golden Bullseye Awards.
Primary Arms Optics’ GLx 2x Prism has been awarded the ‘Best CQB Optic’ award for Ballistic’s Best 2020 Editors’ Selects Awards. The GLx 2x Prism bridges the gap between reflex sights and conventional prism optics.

Everest has announced that USA Clay Target League is now a recipient of the Everest Gives Back philanthropic program.
Heritage Manufacturing, Inc. is pleased to announce the newest member of the family—the Barkeep.
Springfield Armory announced the release of the Springfield Armory Workbench Series of videos supporting some of the firearms offerings in its product line. These in-depth videos were developed to help new gun owners safely care for and maintain their firearms, as well as provide a useful resource for seasoned gun owners.

A podcast about guns and the Second Amendment ranks number one in the hobbies category on iTunes, hitting 6,219,939 downloads in 2020 according to Gun Talk Media, an industry leader in digital content.
Riton Optics announced the addition of their riflescope line to the Strelok Pro Ballistic Calculator. Strelok Pro has apps available for both Android and iOS platforms.
The NSSF commends U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan’s (R-S.C.) introduction of the Hearing Protection Act, H.R. 95. The bill would remove firearm suppressors from the list of definitions under the 1934 National Firearms Act.

The Second Amendment Foundation announced that it has signed an agreement with Parscale Strategies to produce digital media marketing and social media advertising.

The holidays are past. It’s time to focus on this year. Culturally, economically and politically our tactics for this year need to be “local.” Regardless of how you feel about the “election,” I’m pretty sure this next year is going to be a difficult one when it comes to freedom – of all forms. The federal government is broken; it’s the new “global reset,” without regard to how Americans feel. Our best option now has to be local – state, county, city and community.

Washington, D.C. is a lot like the Rome of old. It really doesn’t represent the majority of Americans in any shape, form or fashion. It’s become unrecognizable. Imagine a place where you can’t say, “son, daughter, mother” or “father.” I blame it on the fact that politics has become a profession. Our “representatives” no longer have to live and work among us.

I’ve heard and seen various discussions lately based on Jefferson’s words: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” There are numerous speeches or writings about states withdrawing from the Union, debates on the possibility of having to physically “take it to the streets” or violently resisting gun confiscations. Even as I write this there is violence occurring in D.C. We’d better hope and pray these types of events never happen. The best way to ensure a peaceful existence at this time is to focus energy where you can actually have some effect. If we have little or no influence at a federal level then it’s time to focus our tactics on those we still have sway with.

You know your state, the county where you live and the friends and neighbors surrounding you. And they should know you. These are the people you can actually communicate with face-to-face, establishing a real relationship with those responsible for representing you. In the coming year these associations, your personal link with local and state governments is going to be more critical than ever before. It’s also important to start taking measures to control the amount of influence those outside your communities and states have over the life you live. In other words, I don’t want California dictating how we live in Alabama. Plus, involvement at the local level allows you to see, hear and sometimes actually feel the results of your participation and influence. When career politicians don’t perform as expected, there are still plenty of legal options for replacement with someone in that position who will represent properly.

Remember, we the people are the government. This is no truer than at a local level. The old, “People get the government they deserve,” is true. It’s up to us to make sure we deserve a government based on our constitution. This is our tactic for 2021.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy. He is the author of The Book of Two Guns, AR-15 Skills and Drills, has a regular column in American Handgunner and makes some cool knives and custom revolvers. Visit Shootrite’s Facebook page for other details.

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