JUNE 4, 2020

Hornady introduced the new 6mm ARC --Advanced Rifle Cartridge. Recently tested, selected and fielded by a specialized group within the U.S. Department of Defense for its multipurpose combat rifle program, the 6mm ARC is a truly versatile cartridge that maximizes the potential of the AR-15 platform.
Bushnell congratulates Pro Shooter Mark Cooper for adding a new footnote in the Precision Rifle Series history book by becoming the first person in recent history to win the Tactical Division and place 2nd Overall at a National PRS Match.
The Civilian Marksmanship Program, working toward resuming its regular competition schedule, is now welcoming new or experienced rifle marksmen to sign up for the Talladega High Power CMP Cup Match, ready to fire Thursday, July 23, through Sunday, July 26, 2020.

XS Sights RAM Night Sights have received the National Tactical Officers Association’s top rating in their Member Tested and Recommended Program. The high-performance RAM (radioactive material) night sights are fine-tuned for law enforcement use and feature a traditional 3-dot tritium notch and post sight picture.
Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc. announced that it has partnered with Hornady Manufacturing to chamber the REC7 rifle series in the new 6mm ARC offering. The first production run of these rifles has already been delivered to the United States Department of Defense.
Primary Arms has announced the hiring of Justin Stewart as the new Internal Advertising Sales Manager.

Davidson’s began offering a full line of products from Riton Optics earlier this year.The company is happy to be partnering with yet another quality scope, red-dot sight, rings, and accessories manufacturer.
Primary Arms has announced the hiring of Jeff Scheider as the Optics Sales Representative for the Southeast United States, representing North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.
The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms reacted to Democrat Joe Biden’s challenge that President Donald Trump should “open the U.S. Constitution” to find the First Amendment by suggesting the former vice president is the one who needs a refresher on constitutional rights.

San Tan Tactical, Hornady Mfg and Proof Research have partnered up on the San Tan new 6ARC rifles. San Tan’s quality firearm systems in combination with Hornady’s new 6ARC round originally developed for a specialized group within the US DoD, and Proof Research premium carbon fiber barrels take the AR15 platform to a whole new level.
Galco introduces six popular holsters for the Beretta APX Compact. These include the new Switchback, the KingTuk, FasTraxPAC and more.
Compared to previous buying surges from gun owners fearing anti-gun legislation, many of the buyers today are first-time gun owners motivated by self-protection fears in the wake of COVID-19. The June issue of Shooting Industry spotlights trends and provides insights to dealers on how to ride out these unprecedented times.

CMMG announce the addition of Hornady’s 6mm ARC (Advanced Rifle Cartridge) to their RESOLUTE™ and ENDEAVOR™ families of rifles.

The “Roaring Twenties” strike again. This time it’s in the form of violent riots. We’re shown what it means to be prepared, or you’ve discovered where you’re weak. The good thing about discovering a weakness – if the experience doesn’t kill you – is that you can apply corrective measures, preparing for the next “experience.” And as always it proves that personal protection is an individual responsibility.

A large urban area has a lot of advantages. Good dining, great museums, actual brick-and-mortar book stores and excellent schools are all good things. There are also disadvantages. As we’re seeing the big city has become a powder keg, just waiting for a spark to initiate the explosion. My prediction is that this is just the beginning of a long, hot and violent summer. This is the start of “social justice.”

“But,” you ask, “what can I do?” The first thing on the list, which is something Gretchen and I did years ago, is get out. The utopian life urban environments promised in the 1950’s and its advantages is a thing of the past. Living in a large urban area, a “normal” existence for peaceful law-abiding citizens is never going to be the same. Sure, they’ll call it the “new normal.” But it’s not going to be pretty. There will either be complete control and constant monitoring, or “riot” mode every day. Either way, it’s a dystopian existence.

If the virus has shown us anything it is that a lot of people can work from home. Grocery shopping is done online. Education, at all levels is about to change, with a lot of that being done over the web. We’ve also discovered that life doesn’t required all the “extras;” there’s a lot of things we don’t need to live well.

Yes, there are sacrifices to living out in a rural area. It takes a little more effort, and planning. You make fewer trips to town, and even fewer to the city. If I want a store-bought hamburger ‘n fries it’s a round trip one-hour drive. The phone/internet service is horrible – DSL. However, the advantages are numerous, especially the sense of security. This doesn’t mean we let our guard down – always vigilant – but I’m pretty sure there’s not going to be any civil unrest or violent “protests” taking place within thirty miles of our home.

The best response to a violent threat is avoidance and escape. Today, this applies to where you live too. Uprooting the family to move to a new location is never an easy decision. Dad was in the military, so we did our share of it. But if the future of city life is going to get worse – who knows, maybe something changes for the better – moving to a better location will help ensure the safety of those you’re responsible for, and make it easier to protect them.

I saw a video of a husband and wife being beaten by thugs using 2 x 4’s. The man’s defense with a golf club failed. The attack on the wife continued, while from a “safe” distance he’s yelling, “Get away from my wife!”

Here are lessons. When Rome was failing they instituted “bread and circuses” or “bread and games” to placate and distract the people. Instead of wheat and violent gladiatorial games we have stimulus checks and riot coverage.

The sad thing is that all parties – law enforcement and protestors/rioters are being manipulated from above like pawns in a political chess game.

Don’t go to areas where there’s protesting, which almost always turns violent. Understand this well - the only good way to defend against a violent attack, especially multiple threats, is with a firearm, and only after proper training and plenty of practice. Finally, and again, your best option is avoidance and escape. Start preparing now.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy, which is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary. He is the author of The Book of Two Guns, AR-15 Skills and Drills, has a regular column in American Handgunner and makes some cool knives and custom revolvers. Visit Shootrite’s Facebook page for other details.

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