SEPTEMBER 10, 2019

Team Hornady shooter Dave Preston took first place at the Meaford Long Range Steel Challenge, in Meaford, Ontario, Canada. He took first using Hornady 6mm 110gr. A-Tip Match bullets.
Industry Day at the Range has announced that additional shooting lanes have been released for prospective 2020 exhibitors. Spaces are expected to sell quickly, so interested parties are encouraged to register soon.
SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to introduce the M400 TREAD Pistol, a premium entry-level rifle-caliber pistol, that’s fully compatible with existing TREAD branded accessories. It features an 11.5” barrel, with a free-floating M-LOK handguard, a single-stage polished trigger, ambidextrous controls, a KAK Industry Shockwave Blade 2.0 brace, a carbine-length gas system, and is available in 5.56 NATO.

Versacarry has just introduced a new pocket holster. It has extra layers of leather in the front for support and uses a unique Kydex claw.
John Piscione has accepted the Vice President of Sales position at Riton Optics. Through his extensive industry experience, Piscione will provide Riton with a unique sales perspective.
B&T, Inc. has announced its partnership with Interstate Arms to bring B&T’s firearms and select accessories to law enforcement agencies.

Throughout August 2019, competitive shooters using Walther pistols have earned nearly $10,000 and 11 1st place finishes at various IDPA and USPSA matches across the United States.
Meopta’s new Optika6 5-30x56 riflescope and Optika HD 10x42 binocular have won Outdoor Life magazine’s 2019 Great Buy Awards in their respective categories.
SIG SAUER Academy is pleased to announce a partnership with FLIR Systems for the Night Vision Operator course, to include the addition of cutting-edge FLIR Night Vision and Thermal Imaging equipment.

Apex Tactical Specialties is expanding its line of aftermarket upgrade parts for Glock pistols with the introduction of its Ultimate Safety Plunger for Large Frame Glocks. This plunger is designed specifically for the Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glock versions G20, G21, G29, G30, G36, G40 and G41.
Apex Tactical Specialties has expanded its aftermarket upgrade options for the FN 509 series of pistols with the addition of a new curved trigger version of its popular Action Enhancement Kit. The new kit is available now for pre-order with orders scheduled to begin shipping on Tuesday, September 17.
1791 Gunleather presents their new Optic Ready Holsters. Every 1791 OR holster is equipped with a sweat guard and is available in "signature brown," "classic brown" and "stealth black."

Hogue Incorporated unveils their Double Pistol and 10/22 Takedown / AR Tactical Bags. The Double Pistol Bag prevents damage to pistols. The 10/22 Takedown Bag will handle a 10/22 Takedown with the Hogue tactical stock and scope.
The Tustin Police Department (Orange County, CA) has selected the UIC Mod 1 LE 16” rifle system as their standard issue rifle. The Tustin Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency with roughly 100 sworn officers patrolling a population of almost 80,000 within the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area.
FN America, LLC is pleased to announce the availability of a limited-time package consisting of an FNX™-45 Tactical and Vortex® Venom 6-MOA miniature red dot optic. The pistol will ship with the optic preinstalled for out-of-the-box ease of use.

Riton Optics announces the addition of Tony Tarantino to the Riton Optics marketing team. Tarantino will focus marketing programs, including the ProStaff and media programs.
The Front Line Foundation announces plans for a 9/11 remembrance ceremony as part the 2019 Front Line Foundation’s launch on Wednesday, September 11 at Royal Golf Club in Lake Elmo, Minnesota.
German Precision Optics (GPO) USA, a leader in the engineering, design and development of premium binoculars, riflescopes and rangefinders, announces a partnership with Southern Outdoor Sales for representation in the TALO states

With of a bench-full of knowledgeable writers, classic content dating back to the 1950s and a passion for the subject — as indicated by more than 20 new features — the premiere Special Edition issue of GUNS Magazine Old West: History, Guns & Gear delivers a modern perspective on this always-popular, iconic topic.
Kahr Firearms Group announces its support and donations to the NRA Law Enforcement Division.
SCCY Announces the NEW CPX-4, .380 AUTO PISTOL to its lineup for 2019. The CPX-4 is a line extension to the CPX-3 that integrates an ambidextrous thumb safety into the platform.
Kalashnikov USA ™ is reaching out to our Industry to help us build pallets of camping and survival supplies to help the people of the Bahamas after devastating Dorian.
The Front Line Foundation announces plans for a 9/11 remembrance ceremony as part the 2019 Front Line Foundation’s launch on Wednesday, September 11 at Royal Golf Club in Lake Elmo, Minnesota.

While national media, celebrities and political candidates tell us all about the horrors of the AR-15 – a gun known early in its history as a “poodle shooter” – the American gun-buying public still buy that basic design across an array of forms. Their purchases of accessories – optics, metallic sights, triggers, slings, furniture, add-ons – seems to continue unabated.

Nearly everyone who buys an AR-15 and accessories will never shoot any human being – ever. This includes nearly all cops who buy one to train with and to keep at home. This includes nearly every member of military service who shoots government owned M16 rifles and M4 carbines.

Some consider knowledge to be a dangerous thing. Others consider lack of knowledge to be the problem and there’s something to that. On the current bookshelf, I have “the” owner’s guide to this firearm – it’s on the “actual” bookshelf – and I have a user-guide to the AR, on the “digital bookshelf.”

First, the hard-copy. By Walt Kulek and Greg King, it’s The New AR-15 Complete Owner’s Guide (Scott A. Duff Publications: 2014.)

The book is an update meant to cover the ground after the federal gun ban sunset. While assembly and modularity was the key to the city when ownership of “deadly black rifles” (sic) were subject to such onerous regulation, now people have different guns for different needs. Along with the variation of purpose – personal and home defense, hunting (varmint, big game) and various target games (including 3-Gun, along with the “service” matches) – there became variations in caliber. These include everything from dedicated rimfire analogs to “big block” ARs for 7.62x51mm to straight-walled big bores to various “middle caliber” (e.g., 6.8 SPC).

If you want to know what the closest “government standard” carbine is that you can own, he mentions the Colt LE6920 – then tells why that is. He examines the “piston” guns and moves into accessories.

In the middle of the book, he discusses operation of the piece as well as maintenance. This alone is worth more than the cost of the book. Walt’s book sheds more light on the AR-15 than heat, a welcome change from the media-political driven hysteria that seemed to intensify recently . . . for some, non-conspiracy reason, I’m sure.

The digital book is from our own Tactical Professor, Claude Werner. The title is

Shooting Your Black Rifle (2019) and it’s a project he’s been working on for some time. It’s a basic shooting book, something that’s quite rare.

Claude begins with the essential issue, acquiring zero. Ensuring that your rounds go where you intend them to go is critical. He doesn’t complicate the matter – there is more information around on how to align the sighting instruments with the path of the projectile than there is shooting texts – and that includes the firearm’s owners’ manual. He selects the most practical zero distance for his audience, the armed defender. He explains why he selected the distance and he provides a printable target to zero the piece.

He then explores a range of rifle courses of fire. As police patrol rifle courses are principally shot at fifty yards and inside – and that those distances most greatly coincide with defense of homesteads, he selects those to encourage practice and evaluation of skills. These can include shooting from various positions, from behind barriers, reloading and stoppage clearance skills, as well as a level of marksmanship – all under some time constraints.

Claude provides his printable targets in reduced scale for those who have access to only 25 yards.

With the comprehensive course outlines, one can mix and match to meet specific needs as well. You need only block, copy and paste into a document from the various courses to come up with your own. Or you can have a witnessed/video recording of your attempt to pass a patrol rifle qual to put back to answer potential questions later.

He doesn’t stop with “paper punching.” Claude also provides decision-making and verbalization drills. It wouldn’t be a Tactical Professor production without the appropriate dry practice instruction; he tells how to set it up and complete dry practice safely. You can get a few hundred trigger presses per shot fired in dry practice – and the live fire practice will show the work you put in.

While he covers safety, “Serious Mistakes and Negative Outcomes” elsewhere, he also includes that discussion in this book. Those aren’t AR-15 issues; they’re gun ownership issues. You have to be smarter than the gun. “Life isn’t fair,” he says. “If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.”

If you’re new to ownership of the AR-15, this is your “use” manual. Walt’s book will tell you about the nuts and bolts of the piece and Claude’s book is more about safety and effective rifle practice. Those who’ve had the AR-15 and maybe taken a class or two, this book will give you more skills drills to sharpen those acquired skills and to maintain your level of proficiency.

You’ve never had any training? Well, you can’t get it only from a book – or video – but this book lends structure to your learning process – and provides printable targets.

While you’re about it, every gun owner should be aware of the serious mistakes made by other gun owners – learn from the mistakes of others instead of making your own. Claude has that decision making issue covered too – here.

We’ll likely be chatting about that soon too.

- - Rich Grassi

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