APRIL 9, 2019

Modular Driven Technologies is proud to announce their attendance of the 2019 NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. The company will be displaying Chassis systems, magazines and accessories including the MDT ACC, LSS Gen2, LSS-XL Gen2 , ESS, and TAC21.
Umarex USA is honored to announce that T4E will showcase its line of training products at the NYTOA Tactical Training Conference and Expo, April 16th-19th, in Verona, New York.
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) introduces a new, compact version of the popular Security-9 pistol. The Security-9 Compact has an overall length of 6.5" and weighs in at just under 22 ounces.

DeSantis Gunhide introduces ten holsters made for the Taurus G2S and G2C pistols. These include the Mini Scabbard and Cozy Partner.
Lyman Products introduces the Pachmayr Alume Series grips by Raffir for the 1911. A master of materials, both natural and composite, Raffir is a Danish company with over a decade of experience in developing and treating materials.

Lyman Products introduces the Pachmayr Alume Series grips by Raffir for the 1911. A master of materials, both natural and composite, Raffir is a Danish company with over a decade of experience in developing and treating materials.

Hoppe’s is proud to have been named the Official Gun Cleaning Product of the United States Practical Shooting Association. Hoppe’s, a Vista Outdoor brand, serves shooters of all disciplines.
GLOCK, Inc. announced legendary world champion martial artist, actor, producer, philanthropist and entrepreneur Chuck Norris as the company spokesperson.
Hornady has been granted two utility patents related to the RFID technology used in their premium line of RAPiD Safes. Hornady began incorporating RFID in lock boxes in 2013.

Guidefitter announced that it has launched the outdoor industry’s first influencer marketing solution compatible with federal firearms license requirements. The company also announced that it has added Wyoming-based Weatherby to its growing list of outdoor gear partners and Guidefitter’s first firearms brand partner.
Tula Cartridge Works has established a new wholesale distribution infrastructure to serve North America through USARM NORD LLC.
Walther Arms and Panteao Productions announce the release of the new documentary, “The History of Walther.” In the twenty-two-minute documentary, Larry Vickers with Vickers Tactical, ventures to the Walther Factory in Ulm, Germany.

Viridian Weapon Technologies has expanded its popular X Series Gen 3 offerings to give long-gun users the X5L-RS Gen 3 green laser sight and taclight for rifles and shotguns. The all-new X5L-RS Gen 3 models are now shipping.
ERGO is proud to be a National Sponsor for A Girl & A Gun’s Conferences, include the upcoming IMPACT National Conference which sold out quickly. The IMPACT Conference brings together more than 400 A Girl & A Gun members from around the country.
A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit claiming that certain Rossi brand revolvers are defective in that they could unintentionally fire when dropped. The Defendants Forjas Taurus, S.A., and BrazTech International LC (doing business under the brand "Rossi") issued a Warning about these safety concerns in September 2018.
RCBS is proud to have been named the Official Reloading Sponsor of the Precision Rifle Series. PRS matches involve the practical application of long-range rifle shooting born out of military, law-enforcement and hunting scenarios. 
Hornady will be the title sponsor of the Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge, a PRS Pro Series
Indiana Conservation Officers arrested a Harrison County couple on the evening of April 4 after they were caught illegally digging for artifacts along the Ohio River. The pair were charged with DNR archaeological violations, methamphetamine manufacturing, illegal ginseng possession, and illegal wildlife possession.
SIG SAUER Academy announced the addition of Women’s Concealed Carry to the 2019 Course Schedule. This unique curriculum was written and designed by female instructors whom have carried firearms for years as law enforcement officers and nonsworn citizens.

Image from KR Training, with permission.

You’re at the gun range practicing. After shooting, you look at your target and examine your holes. Inevitably there are some holes in places you didn’t want them. If you are like I was, you call them “misses”, note them, maybe a little disappointed, but you chalk them up and move on.

The gravity of those holes isn’t great.

I no longer will call them misses.

I will call them “unacceptable hits“.

Every bullet you fire goes somewhere — it always hits something. The question is, is the something you hit acceptable or unacceptable?

For you see, if you don’t hit exactly what you intended to hit, it does you no good.

If you’re shooting for a tight group and get a flier? You blew your group. Unacceptable.

If you’re shooting for score and hit outside the top-point ring? You’re down points, you lose the competition. Unacceptable.

If you’re hunting, nail the deer in the vitals and the buck drops DRT (Dead Right There)? Acceptable. If you gut-shot him and he runs off, never to be found and suffers a slow painful death? Unacceptable.

This target depicts results of the "Five-Yard Round-Up" (h/t, Justin Dyal) using the S&W Model 43C and Remington Golden Bullet ammo. "Acceptable hits" may be just those in the "X" or 10-rings, or just "inside the black." Or it could be scored -- a reason timed standards are relevant.

If someone is attacking you, you must place every bullet in the vital area (vertically between the tracheal notch and xyphoid process, horizontally between the nipples). This is the only way to (eventually) guarantee the attacker will stop. These are the only acceptable hits. If a shot lands in the stomach or shoulder or thigh? Maybe eventually the attacker will stop, but in the meantime they continue their attack. You failed to stop the attack and the attacker is able to carry on with their destruction; unacceptable.

If in that attack you totally miss the attacker and the bullet lands and damages someone’s property? Unacceptable. If the bullet hits an innocent person? Unacceptable. If the bullet hits your spouse or child? Unacceptable.

Every bullet that flies will hit something. What is acceptable is a very narrow band. What is unacceptable is quite wide. The implication is in practice, you must work (hard) to get acceptable hits and nothing else. If that means you must slow down, slow down. If that means you need to improve your sight picture, improve it. If you need more training, get more training.

Don’t let your practice sessions be nothing but ballistic masturbation — have purpose.

Yes, from time to time we’ll still make unacceptable hits, especially if we’re working to improve a weak area. But this is about mindset. I recall a story of some competition shooter (forgot who) who became as good as he was because of how his Dad trained him. They would go out to the range and practice. As soon as the shooter made a non-A-zone hit? They packed up and went home. If he wanted to shoot, he had to get only A-zone hits. That’s motivation to get only acceptable hits.

You will fight like you train. Train to make only acceptable hits, so when you are in the fight for your life, you’ll only make acceptable hits.

- - John Daub, from his blog and from the book Strategies and Standards for Defensive Pistol Training, by KR Training instructors Karl Rehn and John Daub. Available as e-book and print edition, signed print copies are available for $20 through KR Training ( while supplies last. Ensure you leave your mailing address in the Paypal “payment notes.”

John Daub is senior assistant instructor for KR Training. His credentials include more than 700 hours of training in firearms, empty hand martial arts and combatives, medical, tactics and other self-defense topics.

Karl Rehn is the lead instructor & owner of KR Training. His credentials include more than 2500 hours of coursework from more than 60 different trainers over the past 30 years.

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