FEBRUARY 12, 2019

Federal is proud to introduce five new Premium HEAVYWEIGHT TSS turkey shotshell loads, extending the revolutionary shells’ deadly reach on gobblers. Shipments have been delivered to dealers.
SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce the SIG SAUER P365 pistol and the SIG MCX Rattler have each been recognized with a 2018 Editors’ Choice Award from ON TARGET magazine. ON TARGET Magazine’s 2018 Editors’ Choice Awards are given to the, “best-of-the-best in new guns, optics, gear, and accessories,” for the 2018 product year.
SIG SAUER, Inc. congratulates Team SIG Captain, Max Michel for kicking-off 2019 with a big win in his first match of the competitive shooting season for Team SIG. Michel competed in the 2019 Miami Open and claimed first place in the Carry Optics Division.

The Savage Pro Shooting Team has lots of excitement in store for 2019, including an active competition schedule and three new members. The 2019 Pro Shooting Team is comprised of F-Class, PRS and 3-Gun shooters, including Dean, Pate, Miller and Milanuk.
Apex Tactical Specialties will be attending the NBS 2019 Spring Semi-Annual Market taking place February 14-18 at the Fort Worth Convention Center. Apex will be participating in the Hot Show Buying Session and showcasing for dealers their industry leading product line of aftermarket trigger kits and parts.
Apex Tactical Specialties will be attending the Sports Inc. 2019 Outdoor Sporting Goods Show taking place February 13-16 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Apex will be showcasing for dealers their industry leading product line of aftermarket trigger kits and parts.

Taurus wishes to inform Sports, Inc. members that it will be displaying at the upcoming Sports, Inc. Outdoor Sporting Goods Show February 13-16 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, AZ.
The Firefield Scarab 9-12” Two-piece Bipod is available in M-LOK and KeyMod to fit the needs of all shooters. A two-piece split design creates stability over monopods with the help of grip feet which grasps securely on all terrains.
Pietta Firearms is proud to be exhibiting at the 2019 NBS Spring Semi-Annual Market. The show will take place February 14-18 at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, the firearms and ammunition industry's technical standards-setting organization, is pleased to announce the acceptance of a new cartridge and chamber standard, the 350 Legend -- 350 LGND-- introduced by Winchester Ammunition.
In 2018, Davidson’s expanded its list of product offerings with many new manufacturers. They are now offering select products from Streamlight, Bergara, HSM, Nosler, Ruger Knives by CRKT and many others.
Bangers LP, a leading shooting sports distributor, is excited to kick off its 2019 online E-Show on Monday February 18th running through Friday, February 22nd.

Walther Arms is proud to offer the highest level of quality and precision on the market now in a series of holsters. The Walther Competition C1 Holster is a black kydex competition holster, legal for use in IDPA, USPSA, IPSC, and 3-Gun when using the correct bracket.
Streamlight Inc. introduced a laser-equipped model of its popular ProTac Rail Mount HL-X weapon light. The ultra-bright long-gun light delivers 1,000 lumens, while offering double-switch functionality and an integrated red aiming laser with a unique clamp design to maintain windage and elevation adjustments.
The National Shooting Sports Foundation announced that Birchwood Casey has agreed to be the official target sponsor for the organization’s First Shots program. Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Birchwood Casey is a leading manufacturer of firearms cleaning products, targets and other shooting and range accessories.
The National Association of Police Equipment Distributors announces the passing of co-founder and long-time administrator, Tom Pertierra, for the 35-year old public safety, non-profit association. He was 68 years old.
Coming this February, Honor Defense is offering a factory installed LaserMax Centerfire laser designed for the Honor Defense pistol. The CenterFire laser has bilateral controls to accommodate both right and left-handed shooters.
Crimson Trace announced that its popular Buy One/Get One offer, currently underway, will continue until February 28, 2019. Under this program, customers who purchase a new Crimson Trace laser sight (with specific exceptions) between January 1, 2019 and February 28, 2019, will be eligible to receive a free Crimson Trace laser sight -- the Rail Master CMR-201 universal red laser sight.
The Head Down Firearms SHOT Show giveaways were extended to February 14th to allow those who did not attend the show a chance to win. However, if you haven’t been watching social media, you may not know that there are only a few days left to enter.
Hunter’s Handbook, the official student publication of the International Hunter Education Association in the United States, announced a partnership with Powderhook. Powderhook and Focus Group, Inc., the publishing partner of the International Hunter Education Association in the United States, have formed an agreement to share content and co-promote products.
McMillan Fiberglass Stocks and Mc3 Stocks are pleased to support the AxisWorks Long-Range Challenge to be held on February 15-17 at the Big Sandy Range located between Wikieup and Kingman, Arizona.

Today’s feature is from the Journal of the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network.

Oh, how we love exotic, extreme, and specialized guns and gear. We forget that much of our personal safety depends on behavior and not on gear, so how about tackling behavior issues that can cascade into use of force situations? Let’s consider a few basics that, while certainly not inclusive, are preventive measures most of us can improve and thus keep trouble further at bay.

Doors–Solid steel framed doors are great! The role of the door is to delay intrusion. If you’re inside, the noise of someone trying to get past your door provides warning and time to prepare, issue orders to leave, ensconce in a safe room, call authorities to get your problem on record, and be ready to fight if necessary. But doors work only if they are locked!

A surprising number of families leave doors and windows unlocked. Believing it more convenient or demonstrating disregard for home security, many fail to lock windows and doors after use. What could make an opportunistic criminal’s job much easier?

The same applies to car doors. While most modern cars automatically engage door locks once the vehicle reaches a certain speed, prior to getting under way, most drivers and occupants are distracted getting phones, errand lists, beverages, and other personal effects squared away before putting the car in gear. Could we make it any easier for a criminal to barge inside, grab valuables, hostages and a means of transportation?

Dogs–Our dogs can both deter and incite trouble. My dogs are little more than an early warning system and fun-loving members of my pack. When returning to an empty house, I prefer to send the dog through the door first, observing its behavior as part of the scan to be sure all’s well inside.

On the other hand, a leading cause of friction between neighbors is the location of the dog’s toilet. Sometimes accusations about dog feces in neighbors’ yards are misplaced, as in our current lead story series, but often as not, it’s a legitimate problem. (See additional information here -- and here --- The same applies to barking dogs, so a dog is a multi-edged weapon and while I believe they’re incredibly useful, our canine companions require tending to make sure they don’t create more trouble than they prevent.

Leave it On–Upon coming home, a surprising number who make much of carrying a gun 24-7, strip their self-defense gun off their belt, stashing it on the bedside table or beside the easy chair. If they’ve gone to the basement or outside storage shed or run to the garage to get something from the car or any other of the activities undertaken once “home and safe,” the gun is not readily at hand if a threat suddenly arises. If your holster is uncomfortable, there are many ways to carry a gun on body. After trading your business clothes for sweatpants, add a bellyband, ankle holster, waist pack, or other carry device for your self-defense gun.

MYOB–Like dogs, advice to mind our own business is a multi-edged weapon. For the most part, however, we need to stop inserting ourselves and our righteous opinions into conflicts not involving us. Rude gestures, corrective admonitions and all the other little “I disapprove” messages that slip into daily contact with strangers generally go unchallenged. Sometimes, though, we ignorantly correct someone who is already on edge, intoxicated, irrational or spoiling for a fight. Now you will have to explain why you started an argument that turned into a physical fight when all you really needed to do was leave or quietly watch to see if a worrisome situation becomes a threat to you and yours.

On the coin’s other side, we must resolve unsettled conflicts with family, neighbors and coworkers. This can be a lot more complex than a simple apology! Often harassment defies reason and requires a multi-faceted solution—more complex than we can address here. If you deal with difficult neighbors, you need to understand what drives them. Take the time to read Problem Neighbors - (Those Who Live By The Feud) by Marc MacYoung and ask yourself honestly which symptoms and solutions apply to your situation.

There’s a lot more to living safely than buying a gun–even if it is the newest, coolest and guaranteed-to-vaporize aggressors fightin’ tool just released! Address behaviors before equipment.

- - Gila Hayes manages the day-to-day operations of Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, Inc., in addition to serving as editor of the Network's online journal. She is author of the books Effective Defense, Personal Defense for Women and Concealed Carry for Women, and has written for a number of gun magazines over the years. Before working in the firearms industry, she was publisher of a small-town newspaper.

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