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March 8, 2018   |
Comp-Tac's Randi Rogers, Top Competitor

Comp-Tac Victory Gear, LLC, Houston, TX  - Comp-Tac Victory Gear's Sales and Marketing Manager Randi Rogers does it again.

Many companies hire or sponsor outsiders to promote their products at various shooting matches. Perfectly fine of course-got to get the company name out somehow and when represented by a sponsored shooter who wins, it's tops.

But, when the top shooter is the sales and marketing manager of the particular company, well that is a whole different level of credibility for the company and their famously efficient real world conceal carry, open wear and competition holsters.

Randi Rogers competes in several shooting disciplines and wins national and world championships almost routinely in IDPA and IPSC. This February she went to the Cowboy Action Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) national championships --Winter Range at the Ben Avery Range north of Phoenix for her first nationals in this sport in 12 years, and 3 years since she shot in any SASS match. During the hundreds of rounds fired, she never missed a target--that's just scary!

Randi won:

  • Overall Cowgirl Category National Championship.
  • Overall Ladies Championship.
  • 2nd place championship Wild Bunch Match.
  • Randi placed 16th out of all the 728 shooters at this huge match with shooters attending from around the world, it is a very big deal!

These matches require rapid fire with single action revolvers (sometimes multiple revolvers), original type western era double barrel or model 1897 pump shot guns and original configured lever action rifles--in use before 1900.

The unique Wild Bunch Match is based on the 1969 movie and 1911 original era configured pistols used in that movie during that 1900-1912 time period.

Comp-Tac Victory Gear's expertise in advanced holsters and other gear is typical when one combines the overall special ops (other Comp-Tac management) and wide competition experience of several staff members including Randi's (B.S. Marketing Degree and extensive competition background). So when it comes to real world expertise, advice and superior equipment--Comp-Tac Action Gear is the place to go.



Comp-Tac Victory Gear

3003 Farrell Rd.

Houston, TX 77073


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