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December 19, 2017   |
Hi-Lux Dedicated Close to Medium Range Scope for the AK 7.62×39mm Round

Specifically designed for the AK 47, the Hi-Lux CMR-762AK features the illuminated AVS-CMR-7.62 AK reticle. The Mil-Radian based AVS-CMR-7.62 AK is designed specifically around the ballistics of the Russian 7.62X39mm 57-H-231service round. The BDC is also accurate for 300 BLK supersonic up to 600 meters. At the 4X setting, the BDC tick marks can also be used to range 1/2-meter wide targets from end to end.

The AVS-CMR-7.62 AK reticle is available in red or green illumination and includes 3 night vision light levels.

The 30mm tube provides incredible light gathering ability for better sight picture resolution and clarity at dawn or dusk.

Many tactical shooters requested the windage adjustment moved to the left side, and that's exactly where you'll find it on the CMR-762AK. It allows the right-handed shooter to make windage adjustment without taking the scope off of the target. Both the windage and elevation turrets feature the Hi-Lux "ZRO-LOK" System, which locks windage and elevation alignment in place, while allowing minor adjustments to be made in the field, and returning to the original zero setting.

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Hi-Lux Optics, based in Torrance, California designs and manufactures top-quality, feature-rich, rugged optics at affordable prices. Hi-Lux guarantees the workmanship and materials of their scopes for life because they're rugged and reliable optics built for the demands of law enforcement, military, hunting and competitive shooting.

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