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November 9, 2017   |
Veterans Day Weekend on American Outdoors Radio
For Veterans Day weekend we'll be highlighting an organization called Hope For The Warriors and the work they are doing through there outdoors adventure program to get veterans outside to hunt, fish, kayak and more. One place you may want to fish and kayak is a National Park but the Department of Interior is proposing to dramatically increase entrance fees to the point where many families won't be able to afford a visit. Kindra Ramos with the Washington Trails Association will tell you more about that and what you can do to possibly stop this from happening.

We'll be talking about fishing too! Shane Magnuson is well known fishing guide who has been catching very good numbers of coho salmon in the Columbia River Gorge bordering Oregon and Washington and Chuck Ceccarelli with Fish Fighter Products will introduce you to a new eco-friendly pyramid sinker they have developed that is made out of steel!

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