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May 11, 2017   |
Tactical Solutions Congratulates Team TacSol on their Wins at the 2017 World Speed Shooting Championship
Boise, ID – Tactical Solutions, a leading manufacturer and provider of innovative rimfire firearms, conversions, and accessories wants to congratulate the TacSol Competition Team on a highly impressive performance in rimfire at the 2017 World Speed Shooting Championship. This Steel Challenge match was held May 4th-6th at the Hogue Action Pistol Range in San Luis Obispo, California.

Shooter for Team TacSol, Trenton Mitsuoka continued his dominance with his three- peat Overall win in Rimfire Rifle Optics Division. He was shooting his Tactical Solutions X-Ring rifle Rimfire Rifle. Trenton tell us, "I switched from a 10/22 to an X-Ring this year and from now on, I won't trust anything else. My custom Team Tacsol flat top, left sided charging handle ran like a clock, except it runs fast! I demand the highest quality, reliability, speed, and superior accuracy. I won't settle for anything but the best. I choose Tacsol."

Other TacSol Team shooters also stood out earning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes.

First Place Finishes
Jake Overstreet - Rimfire Pistol Iron Junior
Matthew Batchelor - Rimfire Pistol Iron Preteen
Ethan Inocando - Rimfire Pistol Open Junior
Michael Settings - Rimfire Pistol Open Senior
Kurt Grimes - Rimfire Rifle Iron Senior
Jake Overstreet - Rimfire Rifle open Junior
Mattew Batchelor - Rimfire Rifle Open Preteen
Kurt Grimes - Rimfire Rifle Open Senior
Christ Mitsuoka - Rimfire Rifle Open Super Senior

Second Place Finishes
Ethan Inocando - Overall Rimfire Pistol Iron
Ethan Inocando - Rimfire Pistol Iron Junior
Brad Henske - Rimfire Pistol Open Senior
Chris Mitsuoka - Rimfire Pistol Open Super Senior
Matthew Batchelor - Rimfire Rifle Open Junior

Third Place Finishes
Jordan Castro - Overall Rimfire Pistol Iron
Brad Henske - Rimfire Rifle Open Senior

About Tactical Solutions:
Tactical Solutions is a leader in rimfire firearms and firearm accessories. Established in 2002 in Boise, Idaho, TacSol has been a pioneer in the innovation of lightweight, accurate firearms, suppressors, caliber conversions and accessories. All of TacSol's products are manufactured in the USA and held to the highest quality standards in the Industry.
After years of research and development, Tactical Solutions is increasing its presence in the rimfire category by introducing its first ever complete pistol, the TLP-.22, in 2017. Like with all Tactical Solutions products, the TLP is proudly made in Boise, Idaho from the highest quality materials.

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