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January 10, 2017   |
TacSol's First Complete Pistol at SHOT
Boise, ID - Tactical Solutions, a leading manufacturer and provider of innovative rimfire firearms, conversions and accessories, will offer a first look of their highly anticipated, first ever complete pistol, the TLP-22 next week at Shot Show in Las Vegas. At its core, the TLP-22 features an accurate, light-weight Trail-Lite barrel. The frame on the TLP-22 is manufactured from billet aluminum, shedding every ounce of weight possible. The combination of the accurate, lightweight barrel balanced with a lightweight body aims to give shooters precision on the range.

Darin Strickler, CEO of TacSol tells us, "We designed the TLP-22 with the attributes our customers have grown to love and expect from our products: Lightweight, Accuracy, Craftsmanship, and Balance. We are extremely excited for our customers to see, feel, and shoot this pistol."

For many years, Tactical Solutions has made the highest quality accessories for pistols. Their focus has been on barrels, grips, magazines, releases, rails, and sights. But due to overwhelming consumer demand and huge anticipation of this product, after two years in the making they are ready to introduce the TLP-22 next week at Shot. Noticeably differentiable from other manufacturers, the products features an extremely light-weight and highly accurate design with the impeccable craftsmanship we've come to expect from them. This pistol is also "suppressor ready", meaning the barrel has a threaded end to allow a suppressor to be attached. Come by Booth 20409 in Las Vegas to get a first look at the product. The product is now available to dealers and consumers. Contact Sales Manager, Amy Shaw at or call 866-333-9901 for orders and inquiries.

About Tactical Solutions:
Tactical Solutions is a leader in rimfire firearms and firearm accessories. Established in 2002 in Boise, Idaho, TacSol has been a pioneer in the innovation of lightweight, accurate firearms, suppressors, caliber conversions and accessories. All of TacSol's products are manufactured in the USA and held to the highest quality standards in the Industry.

After years of research and development, Tactical Solutions is increasing its presence in the rimfire category by introducing its first ever complete pistol, the TLP-.22, in 2017. Like with all Tactical Solutions products, the TLP is proudly made in Boise, Idaho from the highest quality materials.

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