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July 7, 2015   |
Pachmayr Adds to Master Gunsmith Line
Pachmayr is happy to introduce three additions to our Master Gunsmith product line: The Ultimate Gunsmith Tool Kit, Master Gunsmith 10 Piece Screwdriver Set, and the Master Gunsmith 120 Piece Plug Screw Set. We listened to what our customers told us, and completely redesigned our Pachmayr screwdrivers in our new Master Gunsmith 10 Piece Screwdriver Set. These professional quality drivers feature extra strong fixed blades with "Torq Grip" handles to exert maximum torq.

The Pachmayr Ultimate Gunsmith Tool Kit includes 8 of the new Pachmayr Screwdrivers, plus a full assortment of standard punches, roll pin punches, a brass drift punch, a center punch and the Brass Tapper Hammer, plus the Master Gunsmith 277 Piece Screw Kit. This kit provides all the tools needed by professional gunsmiths and firearm enthusiasts to perform basic gun repairs, modifications and maintenance. The Ultimate Gunsmith Tool Kit represents a 31% savings over its contents purchased separately.

To round out your gunsmithing bench, our new Plug Screw Set contains 120 commonly used plug screws to fill open mounting screw holes for most scope or sight bases. The Master Gunsmith 120 Piece Plug Screw Set represents an $89 dollar savings over comparable plug screw kits.

(Designed and Engineered in the USA)

Ultimate Gunsmith Tool Kit (#03085) MSRP: $149.98
Master Gunsmith Screwdriver Set (#03052) MSRP: $59.98
Master Gunsmith Plug Screw Kit (#03062) MSRP: $69.98

Pachmayr, a Lyman Brand, is the first choice of shooters, gunsmiths, law enforcement professionals and firearm manufacturers for top quality handgun grips, recoil pads, gunsmithing tools, and firearm accessories.

Please address question and inquiries to,

Elizabeth Friedmann
Manager, Marketing Services
1-860-632-2020 ext. 334

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