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March 5, 2013   |
Educational DVD Combo Offer from SOTG
At Student of the Gun our primary mission is Education, Entertainment and Enlightenment. In the United States today citizens are engaging in a feeding frenzy for personal defense handguns and AR-15 style rifles. We see that as nothing but positive. However, owning the gear is only a part of the picture. You need education and information to go with them.

We offer two educational DVD's that provide invaluable information and advice for all gun owners. Armed Living: Concealed Carry in an Uncertain World addresses much more than hardware choices and marksmanship. Justifiable Use of Force and how to deal with the aftermath of a shooting are reviewed in detail. Students will learn the "How, When and What Now" of fighting with a handgun.

Black Rifle Boot Camp DVD explores the configurations, accessories and options available on America's favorite rifle, the AR15. One of the most versatile and adaptable rifle platforms ever made, discover how the AR can be customized for use in defense, sports and hunting. Learn the proper method to operate the controls, how to run the gun, various shooting positions, marksmanship and maintenance. If you are new to the AR15, this DVD is a must!

We are not offering both the Armed Living and Black Rifle Boot Camp DVDs in a Combo Pack for only $39.95, a savings of $10 versus the cost of buying them separately. As an added Bonus, we will include an Official "Student of the Gun" window vinyl. The free vinyl officer is a limited time offer, first come first served. Please type "free vinyl" in the note section of your order form. Order your Combo Pack today at

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