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August 23, 2012   |
New Paul Liebenberg Video from Panteao
Columbia, SC, August 20 2012 - We take you to Pistol Dynamics where Paul Liebenberg walks you through how to customize a stock 1911 pistol. Paul is a trained Industrial Designer who has been a professional gun builder specializing in the Browning locked breach pistol platform for over 30 years. He was a member of the World Champion South African Practical Pistol Shooting Team, NRA High Master, certified four-gun firearms instructor and professional pistol shooter who competed successfully in many disciplines in the shooting sports. In 1983 he immigrated to the US and joined Pachmayr Gun Works in Los Angeles CA were he rose to manage the Custom Gun Shop. In 1985 he opened Pistol Dynamics in Los Angeles to build high-end 1911 competition handguns and Pachmayr pistols on contract to that company. Today Pistol Dynamics is based out of Palm Bay FL where Paul continues to build high end 1911 pistols.

In this 2 disc video Paul goes over every aspect of customizing the 1911 pistol so that you can tackle doing your own customizing. He shows the proper way to fit a barrel and barrel bushing, installing a grip safety and thumb safety, trigger installation, installing and tuning an extractor, installation of the ejector, relieving the mag well, undercutting the trigger guard, lowering the ejection port, and much, much more. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a master gun builder like Paul Liebenberg.

Panteao is accepting pre-orders for the DVD and expects it to be released in shortly.

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