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May 31, 2012   |
SWFA Releases New 1-6x24 Tactical Riflescope
Whether you are an extreme competition shooter, on the front lines or just looking for the best optics on the market, the SS will get the job done. The unique design makes the SS a dual- purpose optic ready for any situation, whether it's CQB (close- quarters battle) or long range precision shots, the first- focal plane reticle design allows you to quickly and accurately put your shots on target regardless of range.

True 1x capability allows for scanning with both eyes open while maintaining a clean sight picture. The small circle- dot reticle, mimicking a red- dot style sight, creates unmatched target acquisition and speed in CQB situations where being the fastest makes all of the difference.

On 6x, the small circle- dot reticle transforms into a newly designed mil- scale reticle. HD glass, paired with revolutionary reticle design, enables you to engage targets with extreme precision out to longer ranges.

Being versatile is the name of the game when it comes to being successful. Whether you want to dial to make adjustments or hold over using the mil- scale reticle, the SS now gives you the ability to change the configuration from exposed turrets to capped turrets on the go.

When durability, dependability and versatility are what the mission calls for, sacrifice nothing. The SS HD 1-6x24 is the clear choice... Nothing comes close.

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