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May 29, 2012   |
Redding Introduces New Profile Crimp Die for 45-70 FTX Cases
Cortland , NY....... Because the unique Hornaday FTX bullet for the 45-70 cartridge requires cases to be trimmed shorter than the minimum SAAMI length, standard reloading dies cannot properly crimp these cases. Their required length for proper function keeps the case mouth from reaching the crimp ring in a standard die. Responding to the difficulties encountered by handloaders using this bullet, Redding Reloading Equipment has introduced a new Profile crimp dies designed specifically to meet this need.

The Redding 45-70 FTX Profile crimp has the crimping dimensions lower in the die by approximately 0.075" allowing cases trimmed to Hornaday's specified length to be easily and properly crimped. The Redding Profile Crimp design is unique, offering a taper crimp section coupled with a traditional roll crimp. This gives the user an exceptional crimp to both hold bullets in position under heavy recoil and assist in producing uniform start pressures. It also should be noted that this new Profile Crimp die works perfectly with standard length 45-70 cases by simply backing it out the proper anmount.

(Note) There is no problem using the Redding Full Length, Expander and Seating dies with the Hornaday FTX 45-70.

Customers should know that this new Taper Crimp Die made specially for the Hornaday Lever Revolution / FTX 45-70 cases and those cases modified for use with the FTX 45-70 bullet will be available immediately after the NRA Show in retail distribution. Redding Reloading Equipment will continue to endeavor to support and supply the serious handloader with the innovative, high quality reloading solutions they demand.

Redding Reloading Equipment has focused on building the finest quality, American Made products for the precision handloading market since 1946. To find more information and to request a copy of the new 2012 Redding catalog visit:

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