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October 11, 2011   |
American Handgunner Reality Check Survive
San Diego, Calif. - The 2012 American Handgunner Reality Check Survive Special Edition features survival preparedness guides, outside-the-box techniques for coping without power, an inside look at the recent Joplin tornado, the 2012 Buyer's Guide and more.

Many readers know American Handgunner editor Roy Huntington lives just outside of Joplin, Mo. In "The Joplin Tornado: Anatomy of a Distaster," Roy tells of the aftermath, including his survival preparations that paid off, the search for survivors and the cleanup efforts. Much of the cleanup was done by the community itself, with groups searching the remains of buildings, clearing the streets of debris and setting up "instant restaurants" to feed the workers and homeless.

"It was a stunning effort to watch," Roy says. "A mobilizing effort on a tremendous scale, and unlike anything I had ever seen before, even in the other disasters I'd been involved with."

"Disaster Preparedness: Don't Wait Till It's Too Late" outlines the basics for food, water, shelter and medical needs, as well as what's needed to start rebuilding a normal life.

In a disaster, many times the only power source available is the sun. Learn how to sterilize your drinking water using the sun's UV rays in "SODIS Method." In the do-it-yourself "Hot Box: Building a Solar Oven," find out how to construct a solar oven capable of pasteurizing water for further decontamination, and of slow-cooking a meal.

The Reality Check Survive Special Edition features the 2012 Buyer's Guide, including over 90 pages of handguns, rifles, shotguns, knives, lights and more.

For readers who have an iPhone or iPad, the American Handgunner SE app is available as a free download. Access the American Handgunner Personal Defense Special Edition on the go, plus many more Special Edition titles, for only $2.99 each.

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