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December 19 : 2017  
Editor's Notebook: Our Year Ends
Traveling for the holidays? Travel safely -- and we'll see you next year.
This is the last piece you'll see from Tactical Wire in 2017. We're headed into our annual hiatus. We take a break to spend time with family, to refresh gear and information systems and to gear up for the big season of the outdoor industry.

2017 has been quite a year. It's been punctuated by trials that have been hurtful to people I love; if it hurts them, it hurts me. The resilience of these loved ones turned the sadness into happy moments and showed me that strength and determination is critical to success.

It was the year that was never to happen; the impossible candidate won in 2016 and people who'd banked on the 'worst case' lost the bet. Even looking back, they'd have been silly to bet on the Orange Crush. The "smartest people" all knew that the race was not to be his. Every poll was against him.

Sales of certain guns tanked. The "news" was convinced it was the death song of the industry. The obituary was premature – that "strength and resilience" thing goes beyond individuals and characterizes companies in this industry. Based on trips we've been taking and information that's been inbound, innovation in products is at a high point. We're sitting on some big stories for the coming year.

Some of the information will be released by others during our annual break – that's how it goes. We have product in hand and you'll be getting the handling and application stories to you upon our return.

We're back January 4th – January 3rd for wires that run on Wednesday. When we come back, we'll be on the short run up to our 10th Anniversary with the Tactical Wire. We'll take a look back at where we've been as we continue our move into the future.

2017 was not a year of loss as much as a year of rebuilding, refitting, and reconfiguring. This happens in business, in governments, in families.

On the home front, we already had our family Christmas trip. Many of you are doubtless gearing up for your family get-togethers. Travel safely, enjoy the time you have together and bask in the warmth of this wonderful time.

We'll see you at the other end of the break and continue the Outdoor Wire tradition: keeping you posted.

- - Rich Grassi

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