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April 24 : 2012  
Editor's Notebook: Light & Laser
by Rich Grassi

The M&P40 has increased capabilities with little increase in bulk using Crimson Trace LaserGrip/LightGuard.
For the past several months, I've been toying with the S&W M&P40 fitted up with Crimson Trace Corporation's LaserGrip LG-660 and LightGuard LTG-760.

We're familiar with the LaserGrip for M&Ps. We simply remove the existing palm swell/backstrap unit and replace it with the LaserGrip. For this M&P40, which has been around here since the line was introduced, I set the Laser's zero to be at the top of the front sight at about 20 feet. As it's a red laser, easily visible in dim light but not outstanding in daylight, I'm more concerned with indoor distances.

The pair of laser controls is at the rear. The master ON/OFF is the bottom button and, for me, requires the use of a tool to get it pressed. The upper switch is the activation pad. The LightGuard is trim, no wider than the host pistol, has a master ON/OFF switch on the front of the unit at the bottom. A strip runs from the unit under the trigger guard to the front strap of the grip frame. The activation pad is there.

A number of holsters are available to fit LightGuard equipped guns, including (clockwise from top) Galco Summer Comfort IWB, Comp-Tac magazine pouch, DeSantis Speed Scabbard and Blade-Tech Classic OWB Stingray.
Simply gripping the gun activates light and laser sight. I found the LightGuard to be much more sensitive than the LaserGrip; white light ND's are likely with this setup. As I'm a retired gentleman and home defense is the name of the game, I assume home invaders will know I'm there.

The LightGuard, being slim, fits a plethora of holsters by a number of makers. Shown here are holsters by DeSantis (their superb Speed Scabbard), Galco (Summer Comfort IWB) and Blade-Tech Classic OWB-Stingray Belt Loop. Adding no with and adding less than 1.2 ounces to the gun's weight, this is the king of tiny gunlights.

The LightGuard throws a wide 100 lumen beam, easily enough for indoor assignments. It's in fact enough to give a good view of my rather large back yard.

While I'm concerned about the easy switch on the light for duty, I'm satisfied with it for home use and for discreet carry. The price is certainly right.

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