APRIL 12, 2018

Real Avid’s New Range Station

New for 2018, the Real Avid Range Station offers handgun enthusiasts a self-storing durable case that doubles as a reloading station, making time at the gun range more convenient and organized.

Gun Mat with Gear Organizer

The Range Station’s protective mat quickly rolls out and has a coating to repel oils and solvents, providing a clean surface to lay your pistol or revolver at any range. The strong, blow-molded case doubles as storage for common range gear and has room to store additional ammo for reloading magazines at the line.


Range Station Specs

·         MSRP $29.99

·         Self-Storing, Hard Case that fits most Range Bags

·         Tray for Ammo Boxes

·         12”x 24” Padded Mat

·         Coated Mat that Repels Oils & Solvents

·         Left or Right Hand Use

·         Interior Tray Holds Loose Accessories

About Real Avid:

Since 2009, Real Avid has focused on innovation, design and one-of-a-kind products to make modern hunters and shooters more capable and better prepared. Our constant study of real world gun users, combined with an utter impatience for work-arounds and old thinking, fuels our quest to create better products and superior user experiences. This is the Real Avid way, and our products are our testament.  Visit www.RealAvid.com for more information and to see the full line of Real Avid products. 

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