JULY 10, 2014

Ergo Grip Launches Radical New Grip For J-Frame Revolvers

Moriarty, NM - Ergo Grip® introduces the radical new Delta Grip for J-Frame revolvers. This innovative, injection moulded handgun grip is the first truly ergonomic grip engineered for the most important part of the revolver, the shooter. The unconventional shape gives the shooter a more natural point of aim, more gripping surface area and better control while maintaining the ability to conceal and carry the revolver.

The Delta Grip's unique design is the result of examining the geometry of the natural human shooting position. The grip angle aligns the shooter's hand, wrist and arm in a straighter line for a more natural point of aim and better recoil control. The finger grip area extends from the butt of the grip up to the bottom of the trigger guard, increasing the surface area available for gripping the revolver. The Delta Grip has a rigid core over molded with Sarlink TPV with Ergo's XT texture. This textured material provides a secure, comfortable grip even in adverse conditions, helps absorb recoil and is chemical resistant.

The new Delta Grip is available in black and has an MSRP of $19.99. Like all Ergo Grip products, it is proudly made in the U.S.A.

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About Ergo Grip®

ERGO Grips/Falcon Industries provides grips, rail covers, stocks and firearms accessories for law enforcement, military and commercial users. Ergonomically designed and 100% USA manufactured from the best materials available, Ergo Grip products create a perfect interface between the user and firearm for superior control, comfort and shooting performance. ERGO Grips/Falcon sells to OEMs, dealers, distributors, law enforcement and government agencies.

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