AUGUST 16, 2022

First RCBS Rumble PRS Match Draws Elite Shooters Nationwide

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. –– RCBS®, the leading manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment for rifles and pistols, recently wrapped up its first-ever “RCBS Rumble” – the company’s own Precision Rifle Series match, after years of sponsoring and supporting other PRS events nationwide.

“Our team couldn’t be happier with how the inaugural RCBS Rumble turned out,” said Laurie Kokoruda, senior product manager and match director. “We have been discussing such an opportunity for years and thanks to the tremendous support we received not just locally but from our sponsors nationwide, the match was even better than we could have predicted. RCBS has supported PRS competitions for decades and it was great to see our brand take the lead in making a match of this caliber happen.”

Kokoruda continued, “A special thanks is owed to all the range officers and volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make the match move smoothly. We heard nothing but positive feedback from the shooters all weekend and we hope to be back next year in an even bigger way.”

The RCBS Rumble was held August 6 in RCBS’s and GA Precision’s own backyard near Pleasant Hill, Missouri. With additional support from partners including Bushnell, Hoppe’s, Federal Ammunition, GA Precision and Manner’s Composite Stocks, the Rumble drew 75 elite PRS Pro Series shooters from across the country and sold out of registration spots in less than an hour. In addition to the main competition, the match included side stages sponsored by Manners Composite Stocks and Bushnell.

The match heated up quickly, not just with a heat index of 105 degrees, but with a fast-paced, challenging course of fire that included buses, trucks and other props. Team RCBS and Elite Tactical shooter Troy Livesay took fourth place at the match, taking home one of the coveted trophies – custom RCBS presses. First through fifth place won gold, silver, bronze and copper RCBS Summit™ presses, while the top shooter in each class also received a custom copper RCBS Rebel press. Team RCBS and Elite Tactical shooter Melissa Gilliland claimed the Top Lady title at the match.

RCBS would like to congratulate all the shooters who participated in this year’s event as well as extend its thanks to the many sponsors who helped contribute to the match.

2022 RCBS Rumble Winners

1st Place – Chris Opfer

2nd Place – Josh Ulickey

3rd Place – Greg Harris

Top Production – Doug Koenig

Top Gas Gun – Miles Neville

Top Sr. – Tommy Tinsley

Top Mil/LE – Caleb Ash

Topy Lady – Melissa Gilliland

Top Amateur – Trent Keen

Top Marksman – Mark Bates

Top Semipro – Josh Ulickey

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