AUGUST 13, 2019

Mantis Launches RecoilMeter

Oswego, IL – Mantis Tech has cracked the code on providing recoil control analysis with the latest release of the X10.

The all-new Mantis X10 attaches to any firearm and provides detailed information on recoil control, including 1) muzzle flip, 2) recovery time, 3) recoil angle, and 4) recoil width, all while drawing the muzzle trace of the firearm through the entire recoil process.

“The original MantisX provides unparalleled analysis of trigger control, which is the primary essential to getting your shots on target,” says Derek Stewart. “The X10 provides recoil control analysis so you can optimize your control in getting your subsequent shots off as quickly and accurately as possible.”

Not only is it particularly useful in shooter analysis, but the RecoilMeter shines in providing ammunition and accessory analysis. Mantis teamed up with Legally Armed America to highlight the difference in recoil impact between 9mm, .40, and .45 calibers. The X10 allowed them to quantify results and discover some surprising variances. The full video is available here:

“We’re entering a new era where technology is enabling us to discover insights that were previously reserved for ego-driven postulation and false claims,” says Stewart. “With real, quantitative data, like that of the X10, we’re opening the door for proven innovation.”

About Mantis Tech

The MantisX systems consist of a small, powerful precision sensing device that tracks the minutest of movements, collecting thousands of datapoints per second. Once rail-mounted, it analyzes shooter movements, and sends the data over Bluetooth to the MantisX app for smartphones and tablets. With tens of thousands of shooters using Mantis products, including extensive law enforcement and military adoption, then trend is clear: shooters improve faster when using MantisX.

Founded in 2014, Mantis Tech has a singular mission: help all shooters suck less. Combining patented technology with mind-numbing algorithms, Mantis Tech is a self-declared innovation leader in an industry that declares a color change as revolutionary. Software is eating the world, and Mantis is here for the feast. Learn more at