SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

Survival Hardware Joins Tactical Buyers Club

Freedom, OK

Survival Hardware joins Tactical Buyers Club

Breach-Bang-Clear is proud to announce that Survival Hardware is now a part of the Tactical Buyers Club.

Survival Hardware was founded years ago by retired USMC Gunny David "Norseman" Williams, a veteran of Somalia and Iraq and a former USMC Scout Sniper instructor - you may remember him from the CNN special about Bridgeport's Mountain Warfare School. Once a side hobby, Survival Hardware has become a family business. Norseman's crew (see what we did there?) designs and builds a variety of things, from custom leather knife sheaths to several different styles of minimalist wallet. They also hand-forge metal goods, including knives and a variety of fire starters (like the Mjölnir fire striker).

Their custom leather work is quite simply extraordinary - and our backers save substantially when buying some of it.


The Tactical Buyers Club, or as we call it, "the Bazaar" (not bizarre), is a great, bustling, virtual souk of awesomeness. It's an online market where the finest tactical gear in the world can be acquired by our readers and Patreon backers. There one can find unique pricing and purchase opportunities with such outstanding companies and organizations as SB Tactical and Pitbull Tactical. There are also frequent giveaways at the Loot Vault. House has its own desultory blog as well - read about varied things from flannel shirts to the 5e Beholder.

We're chuffed beyond measure to welcome Survival Hardware to our ranks and hope you'll someday visit Castle Morningwood someday. Got wood?

Now, go forth and be a good American.

Think, train and be dangerous.

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