SEPTEMBER 15, 2022

Hornady congratulates international shooters on their performance at the International Precision Rifle Federation’s World Championship, August 6-12, 2022, in France.
Team Beretta shooter JJ Racaza recently placed second overall and first in the Grand Master division at the 2022 USPSA Carry Optic Nationals held at CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park in Talladega, AL.
Hornady congratulates Sean Murphy and Greg Hamilton on their performance at the Real-World Sniper Challenge, September 10-11, 2022, in Refugio, Texas.

The Avenger GunPack is designed to be carried with the handle, over the shoulder with a strap that's provided, or on belts like the Elite Survival Systems CO Shooter's Belt.
Butler Creek announces that the new Featherlight Minimalist Sling is available at retail just in time for this year’s hunting season. The new rifle sling is designed for backcountry hunters needing a simple, dependable sling that doesn’t interfere with their backpack and gear, all while maintaining maximum strength and durability.
MidwayUSA is pleased to announce the promotion of Dan Stokes to Director of Software Development - Products. Dan began his career at MidwayUSA in April 2007 as an Application Developer after earning his BA in Computer Science from Columbia College.

MidwayUSA’s Ben Rogers was recently promoted to the position of Application Development Manager – Logistics.
Federal Ammunition has been awarded a 5-year contract to produce the United States Army’s 5.56mm training ammunition valued at $114 million dollars. AA40 5.56mm frangible ammunition is used by the U.S. military branches in rifles and carbines chambered for this caliber for training.
The National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers announces the full launch of SCOPE CLX, a platform that analyzes retail sales to empower shooting sports businesses. SCOPE CLX is a weekly sample of more than 500 stores reporting anonymously through point-of-sale software partners, including Coreware, Celerant, AIM and Orchid POS.

Primary Arms has announced the hiring of Kody Staples as Vice President of eCommerce and Inbound Marketing. In this position, Kody will oversee Primary Arms’ digital sales channels and ecommerce marketplaces, with responsibilities over Content and Editorial teams.
Olin Winchester, LLC (“Winchester”), considered one of the world’s leading ammunition manufacturers,?is seeking a Manager, Winchester Brand Licensing and Marketing. This position will be located at the East Alton, IL facility.
The Second Amendment Foundation filed a federal lawsuit challenging a new gun control law adopted in New York State following the Supreme Court’s nullification of its previous concealed carry statute that required “proper cause,” alleging the state’s new statute is just as unconstitutional as the previous law.

The Firearms Policy Coalition announced that it has filed a new Second Amendment lawsuit challenging New York’s "sensitive location" handgun carry bans in public parks, public transportation, and all private property without express consent.
Designed and engineered with serious respect for the original John Browning pistol design, EAA’s MCP35 Match and MCP35 OPS by Girsan pay homage to one of the most widely used military handguns in the world.
Springfield Armory announces its newly updated and expanded online store, designed to provide customers with an easy-to-use interface as well as a broad selection of exciting products.

Riton Optics introduces the 5 Tactix 1-6x24 Thunder Ranch. The feature-rich, low power variable optic (LPVO) was developed in partnership with Clint Smith from Thunder Ranch.
Scholastic 3D Archery is pleased to announce Amanda Adcock has been named as the Arkansas State Coordinator.
Blackhawk has released 24 new fits for the Omnivore Multi-Fit Holster, bringing the total number of compatible firearms past 250 and cementing it as one of the more versatile OWB holsters on the market.

This September, Primary Arms Government is giving away a top-of-the-line Evolve Weapons Systems E-15 Enhanced AR-15 decked out with optics and accessories from premium brands like SureFire, Blue Force Gear, Lancer Weapons Systems, Expo Arms, and Primary Arms Optics.
ZeroTech Optics Teams with CANIK Firearms and Crossbreed Holsters on an “ultimate sidearm package giveaway. The winner receives a Canik SFx RIVAL, Thrive HD 1x28 RDS, a gift card from Crossbreed Holsters and one from Ammunition Depot.
FMG Special Projects Editor Roy Huntington opines on the Gemini Customs’ Ruger GP100 in his feature in the Nov. issue of GUNS Magazine. Also, John Taffin explains “The Ultimate Loading Guide'' for black powder sixguns.
SDS Imports announces a new lower price on their 20rd. Drum Magazines for T-1919 Pattern Shotguns of $99.95. Compatible firearms include the popular Tokarev USA TBP 12 bullpup and TAR 12P shotguns, along with many others that utilize the Turkish 1919 pattern magazines.
Primary Arms has revealed its September retail giveaway, which includes a E-15 Enhanced AR from Evolve Weapon Systems.

While video can help introduce concepts and techniques, it shouldn’t be relied on as your only source of “learning.” Video is a great teaching tool, when used properly, but has too many limitations especially when examining the skills used for fighting with firearms.

Seeing or watching a demonstration of a skill is one mode to intake information – in addition to listening and actual participation – but it can’t stand alone. Video can show what’s occurring or being performed, and a little bit of the “how” but there’s no way it can cover all the nuances involved in something as simple as drawing or presenting the pistol from concealment. Real learning can only occur through a well-balanced presentation covering all three modes of intake, and feedback from someone who is well versed in the subject.

Video material presented by reputable sources like Gunsite are great educational tools.

Video can cover common issues that may occur with the majority of its viewers. For example, removing your finger from the trigger and trigger guard while performing an empty reload. This is something that newer shooters must be reminded of constantly during training. Eventually they “learn” to do this on their own. This is a common issue. An individual may experience something unique, different from most. They clear the finger from the trigger guard at the start of the reload but, as when shifting the pistol in hand to press the magazine release the finger ends back up on the trigger. A video for the masses can’t possibly cover quirky problems like this.

There are also problems created for ourselves through improper technique that we’re not even consciously aware of occurring. It doesn’t take but a few repetitions before this “mistake” becomes a habit. Learning the proper technique has now become more difficult. It’s about ten times more difficult to “relearn” as opposed to learning the correct technique from the beginning.

Most videos at some point or another will have disclaimers of sorts to the effect that its purpose is for “informational” or “entertainment” purposes. It may be used as an “educational” tool. Usually there will be notes indicating that the video “is not intended to be a substitute for the proper training.” In other words – again, especially for the defensive use of firearms – you’re going to need assistance from someone who knows more than you.

True learning only occurs when there’s a direct relationship between student and teacher. The more experienced teacher is able to break everything down into blocks that are easily learned. These small blocks can be assembled into large groups used to accomplish the ultimate goal – the ability to apply the correct skills on demand, under stress and any type conditions. Along the way the teacher is able to apply the constructive corrections that specifically apply to the student.

This relationship, and all the exchanges that occur during the learning process cannot be reproduced through video alone. Video is a great teaching tool, used in conjunction with all other methods. It’s also beneficial for reviewing material, a refresher to tune-up existing skills. Just keep in mind, like with any learning tool or material you must always consider the source, which should directly reflect the fact that fighting with firearms is a serious matter, with lethal consequences.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy. He is the author of The Book of Two Guns, AR-15 Skills and Drills, has a regular column in American Handgunner and makes some cool knives and custom revolvers. Visit Shootrite’s Facebook page for other details.

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