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August 9, 2018   |

Tactical Life’s Black Guns 2019

Nashville, TN —  It’s time once again to celebrate America’s rifle that’s still charging ahead against those who wish to strike away our Second Amendment rights.

Black guns, ARs—whatever you call them—are always the focus of those attacking our Second Amendment rights. Never mind that a knife is more likely to be used in a commission of a crime, never mind that millions rely on ARs to defend their homes and lives, never mind that they are considered America’s favorite rifles. Anti-gunners feel the AR-15 must be banned just because it looks scary, and looking at it hurts them. They’ll never look at the numbers. They’ll never take a step back and logically assess all of the information available. But they will march forward and scream nonsense on a subject they have very little knowledge on.

We must counter them, but not in their fashion. If you run into someone who wants to ban AR-15s, for example, try to have a civil discussion. Educate yourself with the facts. Calmly go over each point. On top of that, contact your local politicians, attend rallies and, most importantly, vote. If we sit back and do nothing, they might actually ban our favorite guns.

This issue of Tactical Life’s Black Guns can get you prepared to win the war of words. Take a page from firearms experts Pat McNamara, Fred Mastison, David Bahde and Kris “Tanto” Paronto who talk about the most recent attacks on the AR platform. Then build up some knowledge by reading Phillip Seidel’s truths on eight of the most common myths surrounding ARs.

No 148-page issue of Tactical Life’s Black Guns would be complete without a massive selection of reviews of these firearms—pistols and rifles—to cover competition, self-defense, hunting and everything in between. We’ve also included a jam-packed, 42-page buyer’s guide with hundreds of the latest stocks, shooting braces, optics, backup iron sights, rails, grips, lights, lasers, upper receivers, suppressors and support gear.

In the end, we hope you enjoy reading this magazine as much as we enjoy America’s favorite rifle. —Linas Cernauskas

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