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December 19, 2017   |
RISE Armament Names Product Specialist
Garrett Grover Brings Hands-On, In the Field Experience to RISE Product Team

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma- RISE Armament, a premier manufacturer and supplier of AR components and firearms has named Garrett Grover as the company's new Product Specialist.

In this newly created role, Garrett's primary responsibility will be bridging the gap between shooters and engineers to design top notch products. Grover's vast experience and unique skill set provides him with a direct line to the end consumer and will aid in the development and testing of new products as well as improvements to existing products.

"I am extremely excited to be part of the RISE Team," stated Grover. "I look forward to making RISE Armament a household name in our industry."

Prior to joining RISE, Garrett proudly served in the military and worked in law enforcement. In 1992 he joined the U.S. Marines, spending several years in active duty as an infantryman and a certified Marine Corps Marksmanship Instructor. Upon his release from the Marine Corps he became a police officer and eventually joined the Army National Guard.

Grover then earned a spot on the Oklahoma Governor's Twenty Rifle and Pistol Team, where he was awarded the Gus Hadwigger Award for excellence in military marksmanship and graduated US Army Sniper School. He started competing in civilian pistol matches in 2009 however had to suspend his competitive shooting when he was deployed to Afghanistan where he executed over 150 combat missions as a Sniper Team Leader.

Upon his return, Grover taught rifle, pistol, and shotgun classes for The Defensive Shooting Academy in Tulsa where he is now the lead rifle instructor. In addition, he began shooting in 3-Gun competition where he quickly established himself on the National circuit.

Grover began working with RISE Armament in the fall of 2017.

RISE Armament specializes in the design and manufacturing of AR-15s, receivers, triggers, barrels and compensators for civilian, military, and law enforcement uses. For more information about RISE Armament products, visit

About RISE Armament:
We're machinists, engineers, executives, hog hunters, target shooters and coyote killers. Some of us are veterans, all of us are patriots. We're God-fearing, country-loving, down-to-earth folks who take pride in providing TIER 1 products to our fellow countrymen. We work hard. We play hard. Our values run deep. Our roots are in manufacturing—machining and fabricating for the oil and aerospace industries. In the past, we would shoot and build a few guns when we got the chance. Now, we still shoot, and we build lots of guns. We also machine gun parts and accessories. Our objective is simple – Unleash every shooter's potential and elevate the shooting experience.

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