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September 12, 2017   |
Vanguard USA, Inc. presents the Raise Your Glass Podcast
Vanguard USA, Inc. presents the Raise Your Glass™ Podcast

Whitmore Lake, Mich. – Vanguard, global manufacturer of sporting optics, hunting packs, tripods and shooting supports, is very pleased to introduce its new hunting and outdoors oriented podcast, entitled the Raise Your Glass Podcast, and hosted by local Michigan radio personality Mike Avery (Mike Avery's Outdoor Magazine). The Raise Your Glass Podcast is a monthly broadcast, featured on both iTunes and YouTube, with its focus clearly set on promoting and celebrating the cherished tradition of hunting through various celebrity guests, outdoor industry experts, Vanguard product giveaways, and much much more!  The episodes are also archived via the Vanguard website at

"With the Raise Your Glass Podcast, we hope to connect with our fans on a more personal level, while providing them with invaluable insight that our company is able to deliver as a result of being a leading voice in the outdoor industry. The podcast will not only keep our fans up-to-date on all of Vanguard's most recent product innovations, but it will also provide a platform from which we can partake in meaningful discussion about hunting and fishing. Our hope is that our listeners will pick up some helpful tips along the way!" said Josh Pawlak, Global Marketing Director, Vanguard.

Some things that you can expect on the Raise Your Glass Podcast…

  • Interviews with various nationally recognized Vanguard Pro Team members including Kinion Bankston (Southern Boyz Outdoors), Hannah Barron, Jessica Taylor Byers (FollowHerArrow), Roger Raglin, and many more!

  • In-depth discussions with experts in the field, such as Vanguard's friends from Realtree, Scentlok, major retailers like Cabela's, and editors of popular hunting publications such asField & Stream. Such experts will be invited to come on the broadcast and offer their own unique perspective. 

  • Up-to-the-minute news on new Vanguard gear and events.

The podcast is available in video form as well, appearing on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, in addition to the Vanguard podcast webpage. Viewers can expect fully edited broadcasts, featuring live shots from both the host Mike Avery's studio, as well as the guests with whom he's speaking. Through video, Vanguard hopes to reinforce the podcast with as many helpful visual aids as possible to enhance fans' experience.

To date, Vanguard has already conducted a couple of rather dynamic interviews with its most prominent and active Pros. In episode two of the podcast, Christian and Jessica Bond of TheOutsiders TV explain exactly how they came to be involved in the fanciful world of noodling - a Southern style of catfishing that includes reaching into the catfish's nest (using one's own arm as bait) and allowing it to chomp down so that they can pull the fish up and out of the water!

Episode 3 demonstrates the vast versatility of the podcast, as Mike Avery speaks with certified chef Bri Van Scotter about her forthcoming cooking show, Wilderness to Table. Chef Bri didn't grow up hunting; in fact, it wasn't until she went to culinary school that she became seriously interested in where her food was sourced, and specifically how her proteins were being killed.  In this episode, Chef Bri presents a fantastic argument for hunting as the most ethical way of sourcing food.

The Raise Your Glass Podcast is a chance for Vanguard to give back to its loyal fanbase.  Product giveaways will continue to be a regular feature on the show, and Vanguard will be creative as always, finding new and fun ways to get fans involved!

Vanguard encourages anyone who is intrigued by its new podcasting endeavor to please subscribe to the Raise Your Glass Podcast via iTunes, and please leave a review to help keep things running successfully, and to ensure steady content for the future!

Vanguard is a global company that designs and manufactures tripods, bags, sporting optics, and accessories. For over 30 years, our drive to disrupt mediocrity and commitment to innovation has allowed us to create the highest quality products for photographers and outdoor enthusiasts at an affordable price. Vanguard invites photographers and outdoor enthusiasts to visit and to connect with the brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and now iTunes!

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Josh Pawlak
Director of Global Marketing, Vanguard
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