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March 16, 2017   |
NAPED Opens Membership to Online Retailers/Distributors
New Bern, NC - The National Association of Police Equipment Distributors (NAPED) has announced that it is welcoming online distributors and retailers within the law enforcement, public safety and military markets to its General Membership. NAPED, founded over thirty years ago, as an association for distributors, by which, through direct communication and networking could utilize shared information and knowledge, build their businesses. In 2017, NAPED continues to look to the future as it expands membership with online sales partners.

"Business models are not the same today as were yesterday and NAPED intends to stay in the front of those changes that will impact our membership," Eldon Griggs, President of NAPED and VP of Business Development for GALLS, Inc., said. He added, "As business has moved towards digital models, NAPED too, is opening its membership to those distributors and dealers within our market sphere and with our knowledge bank, can certainly assist these companies in their growth projection."

Interested online distributors or retailers must had purchased directly from at least fifteen recognized law enforcement, public safety and/or military equipment manufacturers; have a minimum of 5 years of law enforcement, public safety and/or military industry affiliation; a certain minimum dollar amount of sales annually and a favorable credit rating. Now, any distributor or retailer with a storefront, customer showroom or an online distributor/retailer can apply for membership with NAPED and start reaping the rewards of membership immediately.

Interested in becoming a NAPED member? Contact Laura Burgess at 252-288-5805 or for more information and start enjoying the benefits today.

About National Association of Police Equipment Distributors (NAPED):
NAPED was created by bringing together law enforcement distributors, industry professionals and manufacturers to form a network for the purpose of mutually sharing the vast amounts of market experience, resources and product knowledge comprised within its membership. NAPED acts as a forum for member manufacturers and distributors to form long term, profitable relationships.

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