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February 28, 2017   |
Mec-Gar USA 10-Round Witness Magazines
MIDDLETOWN, CONN. – Mec-Gar® USA is proud to announce the addition of three ten round Large Frame Witness magazines to its product line. Due to changes in several states, many shooters will not be able to use or possess any magazine in excess of ten rounds. Mec-Gar's position is that they disagree with these restrictive laws and their proposed effectiveness, however they want shooters in those states to be able to continue to use their firearms.

According to Mec-Gar USA Vice-President David Kochol, the magazines have the high quality and attention to detail expected of Mec-Gar magazines, with the following attributes:
· New dimpling technique allows for full size Mec-Gar followers, magazine springs, and floor plates

· Body manufactured from carbon steel

· Polished, blued finish to ensure easy loading and feeding into the pistol

· Spring manufactured from Type D music wire

· High-impact polymer baseplate

· Numbered witness holes for remaining-round calculation

The magazines have a retail price of $38.30 and are now available.

MGWIT9LF10B – 9mm
MGWIT10LF10B – 10mm
MGWIT38LF10B – .38 Super

About Mec-Gar®
Mec-Gar® Srl is a privately held, family-run business located in Brescia, Italy. Since opening in 1965, the company has been proud of its fully in-house engineering, design and manufacturing process, positioning Mec-Gar Srl as an industry leader in quality and innovation. Mec-Gar® USA is owned and operated by the same family and functions as the sole U.S. importer and distributor for Mec-Gar Srl products in North America. To learn more, visit

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