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December 6, 2012   |
Super Slick Survival Knife System
Fairfield, Ct., December 2012, Camillus Knives new SK Mountain survival utility knife really fills the bill for serious outdoor use The SK Mountain Survival knife is part of collaboration between Camillus and TVs popular real world Survivorman series host and survival expert Les Stroud.

Blade: The SK Mountain model features a handy 4 ¾-inch long by 1/8- inch thick blade with a very useful (especially for survival) 15/16 - inch wide blade profile. Further the 440-stainless steel blade* has a full 3¾- inch cutting surface and one inch of really efficient saw teeth. This is an ideal blade length for general camp and outdoor use and provides plenty of cutting surface for nearly any survival need in a easy to carry belt knife. The Carbonitride Titanium bonded* drop tip blade is reinforced by the tip bevel design.

Handle: The tough handle is constructed of glass filled polypropylene with black and very visible lime green thermoplastic rubber (TRP) inserts for excellent grip and durability. The knife has a large lanyard loop and the robust steel pommel is checkered for a non-slip surface making it an excellent and safe hammer; necessary for many survival chores.

A unique sheath: The SK Mountain Knife has a unique hard ballistic nylon automatic lock knife retaining sheath with several useful survival features. The sheath has a signal mirror mounted on a small fold out compartment and the compartment is suited for small items such as matches, small sewing kit, fish hooks, medications, etc. The sheath features a highly-functional integral pull through blade sharpener, fire starter, miniature LED flashlight and signal whistle.** Ten-feet of nylon cord comes on a built in wrap area behind the mirror and sharpener.*** On the back of the sheath is a small stretch nylon pocket containing survival hints and tips from Les Stroud.

This is an excellent system as key items for last chance survival needs remain attached to the user via the knife sheath--even if somehow the knife is lost. The blade and handle are of one piece construction so the overall strength is much greater than tube handled survival item storage knives which can break apart.

Knife Specifications:
10-inches overall
4¾ - inch Carbon Titanium bonded 440 Steel blade*
5¼-inch Polypropylene handle with TPR rubber inserts and checkered-steel pommel
Weight 9 ounces
Sheath Specifications:
Weight: 7 ounces
Hard Ballistic Nylon with locking feature
Signal mirror
Fire starter
LED flashlight
Survival tips
Nylon cord
Additional miscellaneous item storage** and *** (see below information)
MSRP: $49.99

*Camillus Carbonitride Titanium bonded steel is a patent pending exclusive chemical process that penetrates and permanently bonds formulated titanium and chromium nitride at a molecular level to the steel. This treatment creates a wear resistant surface that is up to three times harder than the base steel (harder than carbide), more corrosive resistant than even 440-Stainless Steel and provides a more friction-free cutting surface that does not peel, chip or blister.

**The enclosed areas where these accessories are stored offer significant additional storage space for anything from matches, fish hooks (can also be used to snag birds), medications and other items depending on the user's needs.

***The area where the factory nylon cord is wrapped affords space for more cord or, if removed, a significant amount of good to have 8-15 pound fish line (and/or light wire for snares) can be wrapped and then the factory nylon cord replaced over it. The hard nylon sheath surface allows space for duct tape cut to fit and stored on the sheath exterior.

Camillus Knives
60 Round Hill Rd.
CT 06824

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