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Tuesday : July 7 : 2015
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Jack Mitchell: Respected Writer, Gunsmith, Industry Veteran
Jack Mitchell, a longtime writer on the subject of guns and gunsmithing, and a recognizable character in the shooting sports industry for nearly five decades, died Sunday, July 5.
Sabre Defence Industries to Hold Open House the Week of July 13
The secured creditors of Sabre Defence Industries announce a scheduled open house at the company's Spindale, North Carolina facilities from Monday, July 13 until Friday, July 17. The purpose of the event is to allow qualified candidates to examine the assets of the company, set for an Article 9 sale.
DeSantis Offers Fits for Glock 43
DeSantis Gunhide offers new products to fit the Glock 43 single-stack 9mm pistol. These include the C.H.A.M.P. #128 holster, the Pocket-Tuk and magazine pouches.
RCS hires Clint Lynch as Senior Product Designer
Raven Concealment Systems announced the appointment of Mr. Clint Lynch to the position of Senior Product Designer, effective 29 June. Mr. Lynch has 13 years of design experience in the firearms industry, in both weapons and weapon accessories.

First Ranger Rifles Delivered to Colt Canada
Stoeger Canada with SAKO, Finland delivered the first rifles for the New Ranger Rifle Program to Colt Canada. The SAKO .308 rifle design based on the Tikka Compact Tactical Rifle (CTR) has been selected as the new Ranger Rifle for Canada replacing the Lee Enfield.
HIVIZ Offers Great Items Online in Support of their Upcoming Warrior Shoot
HIVIZ® Shooting Systems, sponsor of the upcoming annual "Warrior Shootout" fundraiser and raffle has some great raffle items on their website to benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) and the Stay In Step SCI Recovery Center.
NSSF Awards $60K Scholarships to 25 Students
Through its popular annual essay contest for employees of Voting Member companies and their family members, the National Shooting Sports Foundation® has awarded $60,000 in scholarship funds to 25 students who distinguished themselves through their writing ability.
Pachmayr Adds to Master Gunsmith Line
Pachmayr introduces three additions to the Master Gunsmith product line. These include the Ultimate Gunsmith Tool Kit, Master Gunsmith 10 Piece Screwdriver Set and the Master Gunsmith 120 Piece Plug Screw Set.

C Products Defense Special Edition Newsletter
The Special Edition 3rd Quarter Newsletter from C Products Defense was released highlighting the strengths of America and the ideals that have made us strong. The C Products Defense Newsletter is publication of CPD Nation which is a growing online community.
PolyCase Ammunition Sponsoring the Shooting Industry Masters
PolyCase Ammunition, LLC, announced that it will be a Gold Level Sponsor of the 2015 FMG Publications Shooting Industry Masters. PolyCase Ammunition joins other industry leaders and manufacturers as a key sponsor for the event.
Taurus Millennium G2 at #1 on
The Taurus Millennium G2 (PT-111) finished in the top spot in New Firearms, Semi-Automatic Pistol category on for the month of May 2015. The gun offers a lightweight polymer frame, an accessory rail and high profile sights.
Ruger Announces the SR-556 Takedown
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. introduced the Ruger SR-556 Takedown autoloading rifle. The barrel is removed from the upper receiver by simply moving the slider bar towards the breech, rotating the barrel and pulling it free - no tools required.
Lew Horton's Announces Special Edition SIG P229 Blue Piranha
Lew Horton Distributing introduced the SIG Sauer P229 Blue Piranha chambered in 9MM. The stainless steel slide is finished in a beautiful bright blue PVD finish. The slide also features front cocking serrations. The black alloy frame is fitted with Hogue® G-10 Piranha Grips, and has an accessory rail.
USAMU wins 15th consecutive Interservice Pistol Championship
The Army team from the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU), won the team title and the top three overall spots during the 56th Interservice Pistol Championship June 8-12.
Into the Fray: Do You Have First Aid Skills?
In training, a lot of time is consumed talking about shooting, but little time about what happens when the shooting stops. You or someone you know might need immediate medical attention. This edition of "Into the Fray" discusses immediate medical response.
New 260 Remington Ammo loaded with Berger Hybrids
Applied Ballistics Munitions (ABM Ammo) has announced a brand new cartridge addition to their Ammunition lines, the 260 Remington. The Match Ready™ 260 Remington 140gr Berger Match Hybrid Target load combines class-leading ballistic coefficients with match grade accuracy.
J&T Distributing Announces Website Redesign
J & T Distributing announces the launch of their redesigned e-commerce website. J&T Distributing, a leading supplier of AR-15 parts and accessories, redesigned their site adding user-friendly navigation and improved search functionality, resulting from customer feedback and suggestions.
Gun Digest Books Presents the Glock Reference Guide
The all-new Glock Reference Guide from Gun Digest Books is your complete guide to one of the most important and influential firearms designs in the past 50 years.
News Briefing
Today, July 7, 2015, marks 38 years since I first wore a badge. At that time, retirement was not on my mind and it was a bright, brand new, shiny world. That didn't last long, but I'm looking back now as I look forward to tomorrow . . .

The Outdoor Wire Digital Network's newest news and information service launches tomorrow morning. If you're reading this on your email, you'll get the first issue of Ready For Anything wire. A new weekly email newsletter, this service covers general preparation activities for your home, family and business. Prepared for what? – Just about anything that happens, from a sag in the power grid to bad weather to car trouble to civil unrest. In the old days, there were "survivalists," a group that got a bad rap. The media of the day picked out some of the real nuts to showcase how bad they all were – sound familiar? In the current era, millennials and even some of the older folks just want to be able to get by when things that "always work" don't work. Our aim is to get companies who serve the modern "prepper" under one tent – even though the businesses are quite diverse – to make it easier for people new to the preparedness lifestyle to get what they need before they need it. It's a big move, something new to us. And it all starts tomorrow.

Tacprogear announced the new GEN 2 designs for Spec-Ops Assault Pack (SAP) line are available for purchase. Each of the SAP 1, 2 and 3 packs features TPG's unique MOLLE Spine which allows for additional items to hang on the outside of the pack.

American Gunsmithing Institute announced the launch of its Christmas in July Sale, running June 30 through Aug. 31, 2015. You can save 25 percent off many AGI DVD courses and receive a one month free trial SilverPLUS membership to the Gun Club of America (GCA), a source for firearms information, knowledge and training.
S&W Model 351C – Old Man Gun?
Many years ago, I engaged in a discussion with a pair of my uncles at a holiday get-together. I don't recall the date – I may still have been in the Army or had just been out shortly. They were engaging me in a discussion about defensive hardware. One a municipal copper and the other a cow-country deputy, they both had pairs of Model 15 Combat Masterpiece revolvers. Each had a four-inch gun for uniform wear and the 2" for "plainclothes or off-duty."

As I was younger, I clearly knew better. Didn't they hear about the 1935 vintage .357 Magnum or the 1911 .45 Auto? More power, always better. They shook their heads. How were they to know? I'd been one in the "more power" school for many years – before I got some brains.

Yes, this is The Tactical Wire – meant for .mil, law enforcement, private security and citizens concerned with armed self-defense. And when would a "tactical" type discuss using .22 RF for self-defense? Consider an 11 ounce, seven-shot .22 Rimfire Magnum revolver. Easily manipulated, easy to shoot without cumbersome recoil – there is some blast – but why would you want such a pint-sized blaster?

To start with you'd be late to the game. Fifty years ago, a very savvy gunman had already written about it.

"The one light loading that I would like to see would be the airweight model Cobras and Chief Specials chambered for the new .22 RF Magnum load. This is a wicked little cartridge and would add little to the weight of the light models (five .38 Special cartridges weigh about as much as the Chief airweight), and would make a wonderful addition to the "hide-out" field, particularly for officers working in hot countries where usually a coat is not worn during the hot summer months." (p.77) – and –

"A recent letter from Doug Hellstrom, Smith and Wesson's dynamic young executive vice-president, says that they are working on the problems attendant to marrying the .22 RF Magnum to the Chief airweight—and there are lots of problems. Aluminum cylinder and barrel with steel liners are indicated to keep down weight. The big problem, however, is devising a method to keep the hot gases from eating through the aluminum frame above the junction of cylinder and barrel. If this problem can be whipped it should result in the perfect hideout gun. It will not only outreach a switch blade, but will pack plenty of close range authority into an easily carried and concealed package." (P.79) © 1965: Jordan, William H. "Bill," No Second Place Winner.

Some ammo is clearly designed for other applications, like this Remington Premier AccuTip-V load. It'll still do in a pinch.
He was Assistant Chief Patrol Inspector of the U.S. Border Patrol, experienced lawman and game hunter. To say he'd participated in and seen a lot of action, including shootings of people and game would be an understatement. If he thought a snub .22 Magnum was a good idea, I'm not going to call it stupid.

I'll go further: when a friend was medically afflicted some years back, he began the search for guns useful to people facing physical handicaps. These can include rheumatoid arthritis and other joint afflictions, as well as various heart conditions. As I'm getting no younger, I followed his lead in search for something light, powerful and useful.

Smith & Wesson's J-frame line was part of what Bill Jordan considered. We no longer have the Colt Cobra, but we have the Ruger LCR. Both the J- and the LCR are available in .22 Rimfire Magnum.

The S&W Model 351C – a Centennial configuration – is the subject of this piece. The Centennial, a brainchild of Rex Applegate, is a double action revolver with a concealed hammer. Fitting a wide range of holsters, the 351C has a large white dot for a front sight that looks suspiciously like the XS Sights unit – in fact, the S&W website shows this gun as being provided with the XS front sight. Quick to acquire, it's more easily seen than the typical j-frame front ramp.

The trigger has a smooth face and the stocks are a rubbery synthetic with the S&W logo. As pointed out, it holds seven-rounds – decent capacity – and weighs only 11 ounces. It's no bludgeon. The trigger pull is smooth and not "stagey." It is firm and lit rimfire primers every time.

Winchester Supreme, made for larger revolvers and rifles, shot quite well from the S&W 351C. Hornady and CCI make loads for short-barrel revolvers.
For the trigger snob who has no double action experience, save yourself the trouble. For a double action aficionado and revolvereros, the M351C has an action that's plenty good enough.

There are ammo options I've yet to try that are configured for such a gun. These include Hornady 45 gr FTX Critical Defense (factory specified 1,000 FPS out of a 1 7/8" barrel) and Speer 40-grain Gold Dot Short Barrel load (about 1,050 out of a sub-2" barrel). Those are on my list.

I shot what I had – Winchester 30 grain JHP Supreme, Remington 33 grain AccuTip-V and CCI TNT Green 30 grain.

From 25 yards, the Winchester Supreme shot low, stringing vertically. At 30 feet, it was no chore keeping them in the "head" of a silhouette. The same load at 21 feet gave a nicely rounded group about two inches across.

This was likely due to me getting used to the gun. A tiny, 12 ounce .22 LR revolver was hard for me to get the hang of until I figured out the "dwell on ignition." Follow-through is critical with these super-lightweights. The AccuTip-V load from Remington gave a slightly larger and more vertically strung group at the same distance.

The gun was all bark. If you could afford to, you could shoot this thing all day.

The .22 Mag is too feeble? Maybe it is. I can hear the hairy chested ".45 ain't enough" types howling in outrage. I don't believe that someone who has diminished physical capabilities should be defenseless. If this will do it for them, I'm all onboard with it. In small revolvers, I prefer the .38 Special (even in "AirLite" guns chambered for .357 Magnum). It's easier to handle the ammo with nerve-damaged hands and you get a better charge from snake shot if that's the kind of thing you may need when you are afield.

But it's not a simple grab-and-shoot gun. Find a load that's good with the gun. Practice the DA trigger. And stay out of trouble.

No Second Place Winner

Smith & Wesson


-- Rich Grassi

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