Thursday : April 1 : 2010
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Custom Alliance Collectors' Knives by Wilson Combat/Wilson Tactical
WILSON TACTICAL the knife and tool division of WILSON COMBAT has brought the finest in quality edged tactical tools to our discriminating clientele. For 2010 we will be offering a limited collection of hand made knives by some of today's premier tactical knife makers - such as the David Broadwell handcrafted "Ursa Major" Subhilt Fighter.
Taurus SLIM Available in New Calibers
Due to overwhelming customer demand Taurus introduces its popular SLIM pistol in two new calibers. The 708 SLIM .380 ACP offers 7+1 rounds and the 740 SLIM .40 S&W offers 6+1 rounds. Leave it to Taurus to make the most heralded concealed carry semi-autos in company history even better.

Insight Tech-Gear
Savage Introduces New Entry-Level Rifle
Savage Arms announces the new Savage EDGE centerfire rifle, a new platform designed to be a Best-In-Class entry-level rifle with an MSRP starting at $329.
Steiner Introduces Anti-Reflective Device For Binoculars
Steiner, the world's leading military binocular manufacturer, has announced the launch of its new Anti Reflective Device (ARD) for Steiner Military-type Porro-prism binoculars with 30mm and 50mm objective lenses. Designed to eliminate reflections from the objective lenses, which can compromise your position during covert operations, the ARD features a new honeycomb pattern that reduce reflections by up to 100%.
Masters Early Bird Team Deadline
The Eighth Annual Shooting Industry Masters early bird team entry deadline is fast approaching. The two-day match will bring industry figures to Grand Island, Nebraska, July 23-24.
New Free Handcuffing Program Available
The Police Officers Safety Association has released its newest free program, Handcuffing - a Street Practical Approach. This first part of this 95-minute video program presents information about the different kinds of handcuffs available today, their strengths and weaknesses, and how you can avoid having them defeated.
Michel Teaching Advanced Competitive Pistol Course at SIG Academy
Team SIG Champion shooter Max Michel will teach the "Advanced Competitive Pistol" course at the SIG SAUER Academy in Epping, New Hampshire from April 29-31 as a guest instructor.
LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser Now for Ruger SR9 Pistols
LaserLyte® announces its new Rear Sight Laser (RSL) model for Ruger® SR9® standard and compact pistols. The RSL's ground-breaking new laser design incorporated into the rear sight, compact size and revolutionary performance make it the most extraordinary system LaserLyte has produced.
Team Hornandy's Nic Neel Takes High Junior Title at Double Tap
Not only did Team Hornady's Nic Neel wear the team's colors for the first time at the Double Tape Championship Practical Pistol Competition in Wichita Falls, Texas, he turned in the High Junior score in the Open Division and officiated as a Range Officer.
Championship Finish for Team GLOCK at Steel Challenge Nationals
Coming off their recent wins at the Georgia Steel Challenge, Team GLOCK added to their collection of titles at the 2010 Steel Challenge Nationals held March 26-28 in Titusville, Florida.
Handguns Returns for Sophomore Season on Sportsman Channel
Handguns, the only program on any television network that focuses solely on handguns, is debuting its sophomore season. Handguns airs Thursday nights at 8:30 p.m. EST, exclusively on Sportsman Channel, during the "Lock and Load" shooting programming block.
Taurus International Honored With SFMA Awards of Excellence
Taurus International has received two distinguished awards from the South Florida Manufacturer's Association (SFMA). Taurus President and CEO Robert G. Morrison was named 2010 Employee of the Year in the administration and accounting category, while Taurus International was recognized as 2010 Manufacturer of the Year. SFMA is comprised of more than 11,500 manufacturers in South Florida.
News in Brief
In 2008, Kimber Manufacturing donated over $600,000 worth of firearms to the NRA Foundation, one of the largest donations in the Foundation's history. The final of the Kimber Maria shotguns have been sold, with the donation bringing in more than $700,000 for shooting sports.

Wiley X®, Inc. has announced an ongoing collaboration with tactical clothing leader 5.11 Tactical® to create a new line of cutting-edge protective eyewear systems for military, law enforcement, fire/EMS professionals and others who serve or work in dangerous conditions.

Federal Premium® Ammunition was recently awarded two Telly Awards. Federal's unique Bullet Breakdown educational video and new Black Cloud Snow Goose video took home bronze honors.
Around the Water Cooler: Check the Date
by Rich Grassi

A few bits and pieces to help start the day:

President Barack Obama said the recently passed and then "fixed" federal health care act really does nothing to help any health care insurance plan but will cost more money than the nation can ever pay. He's decided that he's going to call it quits on reforming the nation's increasingly expensive medical costs. On a related note, the nation's health insurance providers joined in cutting all premiums by 50%.

Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh who's been "out of the country looking for medical care alternatives" has determined that he's been mistaken all this time and conservatism really isn't the answer.

Osama Bin Laden was found running a delicatessen in Ramallah.

Recently discovered notes from Jeff Cooper's archives reveal that he was actually coming to believe that a traditional double action pistol (DA/SA) in 9mm, like the Walther P-38, was actually the best pistol to have if faced with lethal combat.

Mike Bane retired his flamboyant wardrobe, instead preferring blue chambray shirts over blue jeans with old cowboy boots. In a related story, Sheriff Jim Wilson was seen wearing a Hawaiian shirt, love beads, Bermuda shorts and flip-flops during his latest trip to Gunsite. Stories that he was getting an ear ring were dismissed as "ridiculous."

Tiger Woods issued a press release in which he stated he now finds "girls" to be "icky."

Don Imus, WABC-NY, was named "Sexiest Man of 2010" by the Coalition of Runway Models and Playmates of the Month.

Check the date.
Editor's Notebook: Problem B
by Rich Grassi

I remember a Jeff Cooper lecture where he stated that some were concerned more about "whether they're going to be sued or not" than prevailing in the fight. Regarding the legal aftermath, he was succinct.

"I suggest you place these things in separate categories. Problem A is staying alive. Problem B is explaining it to the guys in the uniforms."

He elaborated that Problem B is nothing to sneeze at, "it can be bloody serious! Look at Bernard Goetz."

That was then - 1980s - and this is now. While there are so many problems now we didn't have in those 'good old days,' we have some help with Problem B - The Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network.

The Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network is brainchild of retired cop-turned-attorney (and world class firearms trainer) Marty Hayes. After dealing with the law as one of the gatekeepers to the criminal justice system, he decided to go to law school to see what he could learn about the overall picture.

He learned that he knew more about lethal deadly force in self defense before he got there than he could learn in the 90 minutes or so they spared out of a 3 year legal education!

Determined to do something about it, he developed a rounded approach to Problem B: people can join the club, they receive some education about the potential for legal issues through the supplied training DVDs as well as through a monthly on-line journal and they get some financial help at the onset of the aftermath of a self defense situation.

Members of the Network have an initial $5,000 fee deposit provided the member's attorney to provide for representation during questioning and arrangement for an independent investigation of the incident.

The early hours and days after a self defense encounter are critical in terms of how the case will be handled from then on. Someone who is clearly cognizant of self defense law, has their own legal representative and has evidence of self-education in the justifiable use of force often won't be charged criminally.

Let's say that, despite the preparation, an unmeritorious case is brought - criminal or civil. The Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network has an independent foundation to which you can apply for continuing financial assistance. Their advisory board, consisting of high-powered trainers of long experience (Tom Givens, Mas Ayoob, Dennis Tueller, and John Farnam), examines the case for the foundation.

Aside from financial assistance, your attorney can request case review and assistance from one of the network's experts.

What is the Network not? The Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network isn't an attorney referral service. The Network is working to create a nationwide list of affiliated attorneys and legal experts for members to draw on as a resource.

The Network isn't a "prepaid legal services" deal either. There is money to help at the onset of the proceedings with the possibility of a grant to help with an unwarranted lawsuit or prosecution.

The Network isn't insurance either, though preparation at this level often gives the overzealous-and-undertrained pause, potentially preventing things from going past the stage of inquest or grand jury.

There's no guarantee that your "clean shooting" won't be viewed by some as criminally actionable and we all know anyone can sue anyone for anything. Preparing for the aftermath, Problem B is important. Take a look at their website,, and see what you think.

If you do nothing else, read some of the articles back in the journal section - the interview with Dennis Tueller about the misnamed and often poorly understood "21 Foot Rule" should be required reading for anyone who is serious about armed self defense!

Let's see, I need to find my wallet and get signed up for this . . .
Skill Set: Life Lessons
by Tiger McKee

When students come to class at Shootrite learn how to defend themselves and their family, or to acquire the necessary skills for applying firearms in their job, I always mention that the things they are learning are actually life lessons. Most of them laugh when I say this, but a few will think for a second, and then nod their head. The truth is that the same skills we use to solve a problem with a potential threat apply to everyday life, and vice versa.

When faced with a violent threat you have to come up with a solution for that problem, in a short amount of time, and then apply your skills to win. Everyday life is much the same, except we normally have more time to come up with a solution to our problems. Or not.

In a fight you have to be thinking, constantly, to win. If all you're doing is reacting to what's being done to you then you're always behind. Life is the same. You have to start the day with a plan, and then be ready to modify your actions as the day unfolds. You have to be ready for the unexpected, because the unpredictable is always occurring. The same is true of personal combat. We start with plan A, improvise with plan B, and constantly being prepared for plan X, which is for the unexpected.

During your daily activities you manage time properly, otherwise you'll find yourself behind, sometimes after you've barely gotten started. During a fight time is a precious commodity. Time determines the options available. When I have time I retreat and avoid or escape the threat. When there's no time to withdraw I have to fight. The key is to pay attention to the small details around you so you pick up on a possible problem in advance, and can avoid, escape, or when necessary start preparing your response in advance. The same applies to each day of your life.

When faced with a threat the presence of a weapon and strong verbal commands may diffuse the situation. This allows us to win the confrontation without being involved in a physical fight. The same thing is true of life. Communication with others allows us to solve possible problems without a knock-down-drag-out confrontation.

To make it through life successfully we have to be mentally calm. Every time you become mentally unbalanced confusion and anxiety occur and bad things start to happen. Victory in combat is the result of a relaxed mental state. Only by being mentally calm can we assess the situation, determine a proper course of action, and initiate our response. This is true of life and combat.

Martial arts, which I consider the study of firearms to be the ultimate martial art, allow us to discover the truths about ourselves. Through this journey we learn our weaknesses and strengths. This journey is the pathway to victory, in both life and combat.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy, located in northern Alabama, author of The Book of Two Guns, a staff member of several firearms/tactical publications, and an adjunct instructor for the F.B.I. (256) 582-4777

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